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Hunted by Cheryl Rainfield

Title: Hunted
Author: Cheryl Rainfield
Publisher: WestSide Books
Publication Date: December 15, 2011
Hardcover: 307 Pages
Source: Provided by Author for Review
Rating: 4/5 Stars

Description (From Goodreads)

Caitlyn is a telepath in a world where having any Paranormal power is illegal. Caitlyn is on the run from government troopers, who can enslave, torture, or even kill her, or make her hunt other Paranormals. When Caitlyn settles down in a city, she falls for Alex, a Normal (someone without Paranormal powers), which is dangerous because he can turn her in. And she discovers renegade Paranormals who want to destroy all Normals. Caitlyn must decide whether she's going to stay in hiding to protect herself, or take a stand to save the world.

My Thoughts:
Hunted  by Cheryl Rainfield is a unique reading experience.  If you enjoy dystopian and the paranormal, then you will enjoy Hunted.  Caitlyn lives in a society where she and others like her are persecuted for being different, for being paranormals.  She lost her father in a riot when she was young, and her brother disappeared at the same time.  She and her mother have been on the run, moving from place to place, to avoid being captured and Caitlyn being forced into a harsh and painful life of servitude as a para slave, because of her unique psychic abilities.  Caitlyn has finally made friends in her new school, she has fallen for Alex, a boy who is a normal, and finally finds out the truth surrounding her brother, all the while being constantly pursued by the Government and Paratroopers whose only goal is to capture and enslave her, and those like her. 

Hunted is filled with endless surprises, filled with adventure and heartache, as Caitlyn is forced to make choices that not only affect her, but those she loves, other paranormals like her, as well as the those who persecute her.  Cheryl has done an excellent job of bringing the characters to life, and has managed to throw a bit of romance in the mix.  Though the book is entirely fictional, it is eye-opening in that it brings awareness to the discrimination and isolation that are prevalent in society today, because people are afraid of those who are “different.” 

If you enjoy the action and adventure found in dystopian centered YA fiction, combine that with the paranormal, and a bit of romance to boot, you will enjoy Hunted.  As a bonus, Cheryl also shares at the end of the book how her own experiences and the things she has suffered inspired the story.
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