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Review: Set in Stone by Beth Balmanno

Today's post is a review on the book Set in Stone by Beth Balmanno.  On Monday, we featured a guest post by Beth, the topic was "Who I Write For."  Please click here to view that post, and be sure to enter to win an e-book of Set in Stone below.  

Set in Stone
by Beth Balmanno
Published February 4, 2012 
Rating:  5/5 Stars

Description:  Fifteen year-old Valerie is used to losing things–she lost her dad to his job ages ago and her best friend moved with no warning...and hasn't been heard from since. During a weekend camping trip with her emotionally distant parents, she stumbles upon a hidden, mysterious stone and she finds herself desperate to keep it, to possess it. Two strange and beautiful boys have other plans, however. They follow her home–Leo, warm and seductive, who covets the stone and will stop at nothing to get it; and Noel, dark-haired and wise, who pledges to protect her and keep her safe.

As she delves deeper into the magic of the stone and the Celtic lore that surrounds it, Valerie realizes that she's losing. Again. But this loss might involve more than a magical stone – this time, she just might lose her heart. 

My Thoughts:  While hiking on a camping trip 15-year-old Valerie falls, ends up off the trail, and find herself in a strange place in the forest where she finds a beautiful, mysterious stone.  She knows the stone is special, but she doesn't tell anyone about it.  Almost immediately, a beautifully tempting dark-haired guy shows up, but Valerie knows something isn't quite right about it all.  The next thing she knows, this same hot guy has enrolled in her school.  Not only is he now attending, but his brother Leo, who is blonde, tanned, and has an irresistible pull about him is also attending.  She ends up telling her friend Geoff about everything and he tries to help her find out the origins of the stone, and the mysterious guys who seem to want it.  Noel, the dark hottie, ends up falling for Valerie and pledges to keep her safe.  As Valerie delves into finding the truth about the stone and the two mysterious boys, what she discovers is almost beyond belief, and Valerie has to make a very important decision that could change the world.  

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  I was hooked from the beginning.  The story and the characters were unique, fresh, and creative.  The Celtic lore concept surrounding the stone and the mythological element surrounding the story and the characters was brilliant.  I don't want to give too much away about that, because that is part of what makes this book so amazing.  I loved seeing Valerie's character develop in strength throughout the novel.  Leo and Noel were Gods, and totally hot. I loved the romance between Noel and Valerie, and felt like I was experiencing the whole gamut of emotions Valerie did, right along with her.  The book is filled with twists and turns, and just when you think you know what's next, Beth takes the story in a different direction, keeping you guessing and intrigued the whole time.  Romance, mythology, magic, hot guys, great plot - Set in Stone has it all and I would definitely recommend it.  

About the Author:  Beth Balmanno is the author of Set in Stone.  She has a BA in English from San Diego State University but freely admits she has learned more in the years after college that she ever did in school.  When she isn't writing, traveling or serving as children's chauffeur, she spends her time molding the youth of America --as an alternative- learning educator and as a leader in scouting and 4-H.  World, look out.

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