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Fate's Design: Excerpt and Giveaway

The Fate's Design Blog Tour Sponsored by These Paper Worlds Book Tours stops by again today.  Fate's Design is written by Lola James.  Today, we are featuring two excerpts.  There are also two giveaways going on associated with this tour and you can enter both of those below.  You can visit the rest of the stops on the tour here

What Happens When Dreams Come True?
In Her Book, “Fate’s Design,” Author Lola James Tells the Story of Megan, A Young Woman Whose Dreams Foretell A Nightmarish Future

What happens when dreams come true?  In her book, Fate’s Design, paranormal romance author, Lola James, uses this question as the premise for her captivating story.  Fate’s Design is an exciting fusion of romance, vampires, nightmares, reality, fate, and a European holiday that will keep its readers furiously turning pages from cover to cover, immediately drawing them in with mysterious dreams and holding their attention until the last page has been turned.

In Fate’s Design, readers are introduced to Megan Romano, a young woman who is haunted by dreams.  Megan’s disturbing dreams are so unsettling that she wakes up each morning screaming; she thinks, “I’d heard that dreams can be a window to the past, present, or future, but I didn’t want any of my dreams in my present or future.”

When Megan and her twin sister, Morgan, decide to spend the summer in Italy, Megan meets a mysterious Italian businessman named Alexandros DiPero, who is literally the man of her dreams.  Although Megan is ready to brush him off, fearing anyone who she may have encountered in one of her nightmarish dreams, her sister, Morgan, insistent that she give him a chance, tricking her into a dinner with him.  Although Alex is charming and seductive, Megan’s bliss cannot help her to circumvent her dreams and her fate.

Lola James will keep readers at the edge of their seats as she unveils each new plot twist.  Fate’s Design will inevitably leave readers anxious for the second installment in The Fate Series.

Excerpt #1

I picked up my purse, slid on my flip-flops, and stepped out into the aisle to exit the plane before I tripped and fell in the aisle. I scrambled to my feet, embarrassed at my clumsiness. I swear I saw one of the flight attendants giggle at my fall. I heard Morgan humming again as she helped me up. She was always so damn happy about nothing.
The flight attendants had her same joy as they waved and smiled as we exited the Lufthansa plane. We walked to the next terminal and went through German customs. While we waited for our plane, I looked over at Morgan reading her People magazine.
"Morgan, I had another dream," I whispered.
Morgan looked up at me and closed the magazine. “Oh, Megan! Here you go again with the dreams that ‘mean something.’” She folded her arms across her chest and rolled her eyes. "It's just odd; I thought you didn’t want to be weird anymore."
"I don’t," was my only response.

Excerpt #2
After I finished my gelato, I headed for the store that I’d seen Morgan go into. While looking in my bag to make sure I had everything, I walked straight into the chest of a stranger.
“Mi scusi,” he said in a dreamy baritone voice.
“No, excuse me. I mean, mi scusi,” I said, finally looking up.
“You speak English,” he said with a sexy Italian accent added to the velvety baritone as he smiled at me.
“Yes, I do. I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention,” I said, smiling back and embarrassed by my clumsiness.
“Don’t worry about it. I’m afraid my Blackberry stole my attention as well. Alexandros Di Piero, or Alex for short,” he said happily as he slid the Blackberry in his jacket pocket and extended his hand for me to shake. His eyes wondered over me like I was a prize.
“M-Megan Romano,” I said breathlessly as I offered my hand to him. I never told strangers my full name but I was so mesmerized that I didn’t hesitate. I held his hand and stared up into his eyes. I could not help but think that I had seen him before.

Lola James:

Lola James calls herself a “hopeless romantic,” which lends itself well to the paranormal romance genre.  She is the author of Bound to Remember, the first novel in The Spellbound Series.   More information on the Fate Series can be found on its blog.  For updates from Lola James, follow her on Twitter, visit her website, or visit her blog.

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