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Blog Tour: Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher

Welcome to my stop on the Blog Tour for Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher, sponsored by AToMR Book Tours.  You can visit the rest of the stops on the tour here.  There is an awesome giveaway featured with this tour, and Rachel is giving away 16 e-book copies of Eden's Root, two signed paperback copies of Eden's Root, and two signed copies of Seeds of War, the second book in the Eden's Root Trilogy, which just released on July 16, 2012.  You can enter this giveaway via the rafflecopter below.  In addition to this, Rachel Fisher has written a novella, which is the backstory for Eden's Root, and released on July 18, 2012.  The novella is called The Blight, and you can read this free on Goodreads and Rachel's website - details are also below.  Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Eden's Root (Eden's Root Trilogy #1)
by Rachel Fisher
Published December 17, 2011

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Synopsis:  The year is 2033 and the world hovers on the edge of explosion as unexplained crop deaths lead to severe global food shortages. In the United States, the Sickness is taking lives slowly, creeping its way into every family. Fi Kelly has already faced the Sickness in her own family, toughening her beyond her years. But a shocking confession from her dying father will push her toughness to its absolute limits. Saddled with an impossible secret and the mission of saving her little sister, Fi sets out to transform herself into the warrior that she must become to survive the coming collapse. Along the way, she will discover that evil can be accidental and that love can be intentional.

My Thoughts:  Fi Kelly is a normal 13-year-old girl, thinking about and doing things that you would expect any 13-year old to do, that is until her father becomes ill with cancer and her world turns upside down.  Fi's father confesses a secret to her that relates to his work, Fi and her family's future, and the future of the world, the consequences of which are coming, quicker than anyone imagined.  Unbeknownst to Fi, her mother is sick also, and her father tells her it is up to her to prepare and save the family.  Little did Fi know, but her father could see that strength in her that she would later come to find in herself, and then use to protect her family.  With her father's help, she prepares herself for what lies ahead, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  When disaster strikes, at 14 years old, Fi becomes the leader of her family, a family that started out as three, and kept on growing.  With the help of her best friend Sean, they embark on a journey in a world that has been ravaged by the negligence of its own inhabitants, facing famine, danger unimaginable, the elements, and the sickness.  Fi rises up and becomes a great leader, guiding her family across country in search of their Eden.  In the process she faces things and does things that she never thought possible, and she and the family that have come together form a bond like no other.  She even manages to find love. 

I am a huge dystopian fan, so I was intrigued by this book as soon as I read the synopsis.  In this apocalyptic, science fiction novel, the world's food supply has been threatened, and they come to find out that the sicknesses many people have been plagued with have been caused by genetically altered food.  This book is really kind of scary, because I can really see something like this happening.  The plot and the story line are very imaginative, yet very realistic.  Despite her age, Fi rose up and did what had to be done to take care of her family in their fight for survival.  I loved watching her grow and mature, and evolve in to one kick-butt heroine.  The saying dynamite comes in small packages may seem cliche, but it is absolutely true in the case of Fi Kelly.  I know to some it may seem unrealistic to have a 14-year-old taking on the "weight of the world," but Fi Kelly is definitely not your typical 14 year old, and in the world they live in, you've seen more and experienced more at that age than most people do in a lifetime.  There is a wide array of characters in the story as this group of people meld together into one family.  Some have known each other for years, and others have just recently met, but the bond between them was unbreakable.  I loved Fi's mother Maggie.  I also loved the relationship that Sean and Fi had.  She loved him dearly, he was her best friend, and like a brother to her, and though he felt something different for her, their friendship meant too much to let that get in the way.  I really loved Asher, not only was he super hot, he was was a pretty bad-ass dude himself.  I guess that is why he and Fi hit it off so well, they had so much in common.  Their family unit consisted of both young and old, and those in between.  

Eden's root was a very enjoyable and sometimes intense read.  It had action, adventure, heartache, and suspense, with just the right amount of romance in the mix.  Rachel Fisher has done an excellent job in creating a dystopian world that centers around realistic issues, and leaves you pondering on the "what if's" that could actually someday take place.  If you are a dystopian fan, then Eden's root is one of those books you definitely don't want to miss, and I highly recommend it.  I am looking forward to reading Seeds of War, the second book in the Eden's Root Trilogy to see where the story goes.   

Rachel Fisher released The Blight, Eden's Root Backstory on July 18, 2012.  
You can read this for free on Goodreads and  the author's website.  

The Blight (Eden's Root Triology 0.5)
by Rachel Fisher
Published July 18, 2012

Given my own enthusiasm for this sort of thing, I’ve decided to release the original backstory of Eden’s Root. For those of you who love the science-fiction aspect of Eden’s Root, I think this will be a winner. I also wanted to reveal this to show how drastically a story can change from first to last drafts. This entire backstory was in the first version. It is MUCH more in the vein of traditional science-fiction, which I love, as you know. It has a ton of POVs, and covers a wide range of locations and time periods. In other words, it’s kind of epic. And Eden’s Root began this way. BTW – This is a story mostly of the adults featured in Eden’s Root, so there’s a bit more colorful language. (Plus they’re facing the end of the world people. Give them a **&^% break.) For those of you who wanted to know some of the characters more deeply…here you go. 

Now Available:  Seeds of War, book #2 in the Eden's Root Trilogy.

Seeds of War (Eden's Root Trilogy #2)
by Rachel Fisher
Published July 16, 2012

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The mission of Eden must be fulfilled and Eden’s best Seekers are needed. Forming a new group they dub the Seeders, Fi, Asher, and Sean are joined by a new addition as they set out to bring hope and support to the Topsiders in the form of radios and heirloom seeds. Their experiences Topside prepare them for the threat from marauding gangs they call Lobos, but it is a different, less obvious sort of threat that takes them by surprise. As radio broadcasts begin to reconnect Eden and the Topsiders, the Seeders stumble upon mysterious broadcasts from unknown stations. When two of their own new radio stations go silent within days of each other, Fi and her companions realize that something is terribly wrong. Eden finds itself pitted against a growing and unknown force as their very mission lights the flames of war.

About this author

I am a wife and entrepreneur living and working in Florida. I am also a graduate of Mount Holyoke College, where I majored in Biology. It was always my assumption that I would end up making research my life. Though it did not work out that way in the end, my passion for Biology remains intact.
I have always loved biology-based science-fiction and the young adult genre. It is in this vein that I offer my work.
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