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Blog Tour: Summer Reading YA of Omnific Publishing

Welcome to the Summer Reading YA of Omnific Publishing Event this week, co-hosted by A Tale of Many Reviews Book Blog Tours and Omnific Publishing. For my stop, I am reviewing Breaking Point by Jess Bowen, a paranormal fantasy.  There is also a great giveaway from Omnific Publishing, which you can enter below.  You can visit the rest of the stops on the tour here.  

Breaking Point 
by Jess  Bowen
Publisher:  Omnific Publishing
Publication Date:  November 23, 2010

Purchase: Amazon | B&N

"On our most honored of days, one that none have ever called their own, five will be born. Four will be the Masters of the Elements, fierce warriors, and with talents of immeasurable greatness."

Phoebe Johnson and Ethan Smith had everything they needed: loving parents, great friends, and admission letters to Ivy League schools they’d be heading to in the fall. If only they knew that they were never going to reach the end of that summer, at least, not in the world they knew. A secret waits to be revealed on the eve of their nineteenth birthday, a secret that is going to change their lives forever when it leads them to a place they never believed existed, love they could never imagine living without, and power they never suspected they possessed. 

My Thoughts:  Phoebe and Ethan are normal 18 year-olds.  They have planned their lives worked hard to get into Ivy League Colleges, have great friends, and life seems really good.  On the eve of their 19th birthday, their seemingly good lives take a complete turn around when they find out their destiny is nothing like they have planned.  It isn't even in the realm they live in.  As they enter into the realm of magic to fulfill their destinies as Masters of the Elements, life and the world they know is is forever changed, and the future of the world they are now in depends on them.

I enjoyed this YA paranormal fantasy.  Phoebe and Ethan were both great characters, with Phoebe being quite the heroine, and Ethan rising up into to his destiny also.  Both Phoebe and Ethan find love interests in this new world.  Phoebe with Dorian, and Ethan with Lucy, as they make some really great friends, who have pledged their loyalty to them.  The book is filled with mystical creatures and magic.  I enjoyed the relationships these friends had and their loyalty and love for one another.  Ethan and Lucy have a pretty solid love relationship.  Dorian is somewhat mysterious, and though he is completely devoted to Phoebe, he has secrets he is holding back.  There is quite a bit of action as they not only learn to use their power, but also train to fight.  The fantasy factor was imaginative and entertaining.  There is a big cliffhanger at the end, and the ending was a little disappointing, especially when I found there wasn't a sequel yet, but that just gives me something to look forward to.  If you enjoy YA paranormal fantasy, then Breaking Point is something you should add to your TBR list.  

About the author: Jess was born in sunny, southern California. How her home base is now West Virginia, she’s still not sure. She spent several years moving along the southern states before landing in West Virgina when she was seven and she’s been there ever since. She started writing when she was fifteen, sure then it was all love letters to her boyfriend at the time, but they were works of art…that are hopefully now all burned in some cleansing ritual.

Since then she spent time off and on going through writing phases and reading books like they were going out of style. After having her first child and being couped up at home with a baby that never slept, she found her writing again and Breaking Point was born. It took several drafts and lots of long nights and re-writing, but she couldn’t be more proud (and bloody, freaking nervous!!) about the finished product and the next four books to come in the Order of the Elements Series. She wouldn’t be here without family and friends who tell her to shut the heck up when she starts whining and she’s thankful for every single one of them.

Jess believes that imagination and escape from reality is essential to life and there’s no better place to find that than in a good book or stretching those writing feathers of your own.

She also believes that Supernatural is the best show on earth and mirrors are evil. But that’s a matter for another time.


  1. Great review! I know the author has been busy writing the sequel.

    1. Oh good, I am dying to know what happens Phoebe and Dorian.

  2. I've never heard of this one before but the description sounds really interesting.

    Awesome review!


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