Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stop ePiracy Blog Hop

 Passionate Book Divas is hosting a Stop ePiracy Blog Hop.  Unfortunately ePiracy has become quite a problem, especially with the popularity and availability of eBooks.  Many authors can tell you that they have literally had thousands of books pirated over the internet.  All these authors work very hard, and frankly, it is just wrong.  It hurts authors, it hurts publishers, and it hurts readers.  I mean seriously, most e-books are not that expensive.  In fact, you can find tons for under $3.00.  Instead of using an illegal site to download pirated books, there are quite a few helpful legal sites, such as Pixel of Ink for example, who daily via e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter keep you updated on what books are on sale and what books are free on Amazon.  Amazon and Barnes and Noble frequently run sales and offer e-books for free also.  Let's support our authors and help stop ePiracy. 

Below are links to some of the great posts that have been featured during this blog hop.  Please check them out.  They have some really important and good things to say.   

Stop E-Piracy Blog Hop and the thoughts of an award winning author « Passionate Book Divas

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My Book Boyfriend: Be Apart of the Solution, Don't Pirate eBooks!: There is a misconception that famous authors are somehow rich and rolling in the money.   So who cares that we pirate their books.  

Book Addict: Stop E-Piracy Blog Hop and a Guest Post by Cambria...:   Im Very proud to say that Book Addict doesn´t support piracy.   I´ve worked really hard to have the rep. I have and all the autho...

Thinks Books: Blog Hop: Stop E-Piracy (Aug 19-25): The Stop E-Piracy Blog Hop is brought to us by the wonderful peeps over at  Passionate Book Divas !  What is E-Piracy? E-P..

Book Reviews / Favorite Books I've Read: Stop E-Book Piracy - Blog Hop: A Message from Kate Evangelista    Pirates of the Tropics by Kate Evangelista As many of you might not know, I’m from the Philippi...

random jendsmit: ePiracy SUCKS just ask H.D.: I am super excited to have a little somin' somin' from H.D. Gordon for the Stop Piracy Blog Hop !   

WheneverLifeGetsTough: Stop E-Piracy Blog Hop: E-piracy. The word itself irks me. Why? Because I was an e-pirate. A long time ago. Don't get me wrong. Back then, I wasn't aware...

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