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Blog Tour: Never Land by Kailin Gow - Review and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the Never Land Tour, hosted by Bookish Brunette Book Tours.  Never Land is book 2 in the Never Knights Series written by author Kailin Gow.  There are also two awesome giveaways going on with this tour, the details for both are below.  Please be sure to visit all the other great stops on the tour.   

Book Details:
Never Land (Never Knights #2) by Kailin 
Published September 24, 2012 by The Edge Books

Welcome to Never Land, the land of Never and the world of rock, the world of new experiences and sensations, a world where music runs through the veins of the dedicated, and love is taken and given with consequences. Never (Neve) Knight, the lead singer and manager of a band filled with the hottest guys in rock  finally gets the dream that she wanted:  a label signing her band The Never Knights.  It is what she always wanted, a band of her own and playing her own kind of music. Getting her band to where it was came at a high price, including giving up the man who makes her heart race and her blood pound, the man who caused her to nearly lose her band.   As she gets ready to go on her world tour, fate brings her close to Danny Blue again, and she's not sure if she can give him up a second time even if it means losing the band. 

My Thoughts:  I absolutely fell in love with this series when I read the first book, Never Say Never.  Eighteen-year-old Neve Knight is the lead singer in her band, The Never Knights.  Her dream has always been to have a band of her own and that dream has become a reality.  In book one, Geoff was injured and was replaced by Danny Blue, who Neve fell hard and heavy for, breaking her own rule of never dating anyone in the band.  This caused tremendous conflict, especially when she found out that both Kyle and Luc had feelings for her.  To keep the band together, Danny Blue steps down, and Geoff resumes his place playing guitar.  The book begins with the band in London, touring.  Geoff has had a constant problem with drugs and alcohol, which has gotten completely out of hand, and he has a history of being very inappropriate with Neve.  This is taken to a whole new level in Never Land, with all the scandal and drama you would typically see in the tabloids.  Neve does not want or need this for the band.  Danny Blue, her knight in shining armor, helps to save the day.  As Neve's relationship with Danny progresses, she begins to meet people in London, where Danny is from, including his father, stepmother, and friends and family of his dead girlfriend Peyton.  As the story progresses, Neve finds out that Danny Blue has a whole world of secrets that she just doesn't know if she can handle, and when she confides in someone about this, it blows back up in her face, threatening to destroy everything she loves and has worked for.  Not only does she battle feeling like "second best" or a "replacement" in Danny's life, she must also face the fact that her choices might cost her everything....the band, her friends, and most of all the man she loves.  

I have to say that the Never Knights Series is my most favorite of all Kailin's series.  I love the whole rock band scene.  I really like Neve.  She really has to face a lot in this story, making some really hard choices, some of which she is not too proud of.  Danny Blue, total hotness, swoon-worthy, the guy dreams are made of.  I loved him and then wanted to slap him because of the way he treated Neve sometimes.  He has so many hurts from the past, and I was glad to see him begin to open up a little in this book.  I still have to wonder if he will stick to his guns and his choices in the next book in the series.  I believe he cares for Neve, maybe even loves her, but will he stick it out with her with things get hard.  That remains to be seen, and I am still not sure if I trust him.  I can't wait to see what happens next in their relationshiop.  The guys in the band.....all of them are totally hot.  Steve is the most level headed.  Kyle, though hot, is an emotional mess.  Luc, is dark, swoonworthy, and a little mysterious.  I am anxious to see how things with him play out at the series progresses.  I loved the story line.  The book is not very long, but there is a whole lot of drama packed in those pages.  The chemistry between Neve and Danny has sparks flying everywhere, and the romance is really hot, but there are also a few sparks flying between Neve and someone else in this book........not to mention all of Danny's old flames, which keep coming back to haunt him and torment Neve.  If you love contemporary romance, hot guys, and rock and roll, this is one book you won't want to miss.  Kailin Gow has done an outstanding job in the second book of this series and I can't wait to see where she takes it from here. 

YA-Mature/New Adult  
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Never Say Never (Never Knights, #1)by Kailin Gow 
Published: 8/13/2012 by
What girl wouldn't want to be surrounded by the sexy guys from the hottest teen rock sensation in the country? 18-year-old Never "Neve" Knight, not only is surrounded by the hottest boys to hit the music charts, but she is the band's lead singer. As the band's lead singer and manager, Never formed and shaped the band to where it is today, a band on the rise and on the brink of being signed by a label. As one of the guys, she knew each of the band members since they were all snot-nose ten-year-olds. While her boys were the cutest guys and they would protect her like knights, she couldn't date any one of them and ruin the chance at being signed with the record label of her dreams.  

That changes when one of the band members suddenly drops out of the band, and in walks Danny Blue, with his dreamy blue eyes, hot body, and British accent. Suddenly, Never's solid world has turned to mush, and her rule for not dating one of her band members is seriously challenged. Can she keep her head straight and get her band signed with a label without losing her heart?  

YA Mature/New Adult
See my review here
(Never Say Never)

                We walked out into his garden. It was a beautiful, balmy September night. I closed my eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of the magnolias blooming in his backyard. Luc sat down on a tire that swung from the old oak tree. “Remember this,” he said, motioning for me to sit next to him.

                “Yeah, of course I do. We used to swing on this all the time when we were kids.” I sat down, and Luc laughed, springing to his feet and beginning to push me.

                “You thought that if you swung high enough, you'd be able to jump off and land right on the moon.”

                “I remember that. I figured I just had to try a little bit harder.”

                “That's my Neve,” Luc said, pressing his hands against my back as he pushed me harder still. “Always so driven. So ambitious.” – Never Say Never (Never Knights #1) by Kailin Gow

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Never Land (Never Knights #2)

Author Bio:

 Kailin Gow is the author of over 100 books, with the majority of them for young adults. Her most popular series are: The Frost Series, PULSE Series, Desire Series, Wicked Woods, Steampunk Scarlett Novels, and more. A full-time author, she is also a producer, having worked in radio, television, and film. She grew up in Southern California, lived in Texas and England, and had traveled extensively around the world.

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  • *signed* copy of Never Say Never, Saving You Saving Me, and Loving Summer 
  • $25 Amazon Gift Card?

Also, anyone can enter to win a signed (I'll sign the inside) red patent leather Coach handbag for the Never Say Never Contest going on at: 

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