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Blog Tour: Unresisting by Shane Morgan - Review and Giveaway

Welcome to the blog tour for Unresisting by Shane Morgan.  Some of you may know Shane from her blog, Itching for Books.  She also organizes book tours.  Unresisting is Shane's debut novel.  You can check out the rest of the stops on the tour here.  There is also a giveaway in conjunction with the tour, which you can enter below.  Thanks for stopping by.  

by Shane Morgan

Seventeen year old Natasha Johnson is having a rough year. Her twin brother, Sean, died last summer after a car crash, and her parents decided to pack up and leave the only home she’d known all her life. It's a lot to take in, and Nat has decidedly given up on the world, until moving to Stetson Valley and meeting high school ‘outcast’, Chace Owens.

Chace's dark and mysterious aura is not exactly seen as 'normal', but Nat already knows that not a lot of things are of the norm when it comes to her life. She soon finds herself unable to resist Chace's strange pull on her heart, unleashing a sudden attraction to the unnatural forces that have always been burning within her. But with uncovering her true self brings forth great danger, as Nat learns that her brother's death had a lot more to do with the side she's unable to resist.

Can Natasha calm the blazing flames and withstand the threat of danger, or will this new found power destroy her?

Released: November 21, 2012

Purchase: Amazon

My Thoughts:  The book begins with Natasha and her twin brother Sean in the car.  A strange light has caused them to have a terrible wreck.  Sean has been thrown from the car and when Natasha finds him there are burns on him.  She hurries to get her phone to call for help, but before she can get back, a bright light beams from the area where Sean is and when she reaches him, he is dead, burned.  This event introduces the reader to the paranormal aspect of the novel, but the truth about what is going on and what Natasha really is, is not revealed until later in the book.  Burdened by the death of Sean, her parents move during her back to her mother's childhood home, and here things begin to get really strange, yet hold the answers Natasha is seeking.  She meets Chace, a boy she is drawn to by a force beyond herself.  She also meets Jesse, who is seeking her affections.  Slowly the truth about who she is, and who these boys are is revealed.  Unfortunately, there is someone very dark that is also aware of her, and who poses a great threat.  As the mystery unravels, the danger increases, answers are found, and just as many new questions are raised.  

There is quite a bit of the paranormal in this book, as well as fantasy.  The story was interesting, and the book is not that long, so it can be read in a short time.  Natasha is kind of a hard character to figure out.  She is somewhat mysterious and angry, and is still trying to figure out how to handle her powers.  The two boys vying for her attention are Chace and Jesse.  I am not sure which one I was rooting for, though Jesse's character seemed easier to get to know than Chace's, but both guys were intriguing.  The paranormal aspect is also interesting.  The ending sets things up for the next book in the series.  The novel is short, so there is a lot of information packed into the pages.  If you enjoy YA paranormal and fantasy, you may want to check this book out.  

Author Spotlight:
Shane Morgan is a lover of "interesting" books. Her imagination is always running wild so it's best to collect and organize them into separate stories. 

Shane's love for writing started the moment she picked up a Nancy Drew book. At a young age, she began writing short stories, divulging in a variety of genres; from comedy and drama, to horror, and romance. Shane's quite intrigued by the otherworldly or things otherwise deemed "impossible." Well, in her opinion, people never really grow up, do they? 

Unresisting is the first book in her new YA series of the same title. Prepare to join Natasha on her journey of self discovery as she learns to control her powers and use them for good, fighting all the bad along the way. Of course we can't have a girl being alone throughout the story, there has to be some romance thrown in there. And Chace will definitely steal the hearts of every female reader.

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  1. I just love the cover on this one. It always makes me sit and stare at it for a moment whenever I see it.

    It sounds like a really interesting story and one that has potential to get better as the series goes.


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