Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cover Reveal: The Year I Almost Drowned by Shannon McCrimmon

The Year I Almost Drowned
by Shannon McCrimmon
Expected Release Date:  December 20, 2012

BOOK SYNOPSIS:  In this continuation of The Summer I Learned to Dive, nineteen-year old Finley "Finn" Hemmings is living in Graceville, South Carolina with her grandparents. She's getting to know the family that she was separated from for the last sixteen years. Finn and Jesse's relationship seems to be going strong until they're forced to deal with obstacles that throw them off-track. As Finn prepares to leave for college, she has to say goodbye to the town, her friends and family, and the way of life that she has grown to love.

At college, Finn tries to acclimate to a new setting, but quickly falls into an old pattern. Just as things start to become normal and Finn begins to fit in, something unexpected happens that takes her back to Graceville where she is forced to deal with one challenge after another. Her world nearly collapses,
and she finds herself struggling to keep from drowning. 

Through it all, Finn discovers the power of loveand friendship. She learns what it means to follow her heart and to stay true to what she wants, even if what she wants isn't what she originally planned.

Shannon McCrimmon was born and raised in Central Florida. She earned a Master's Degree in
Counseling from Rollins College. In 2008, she moved to the upstate of South Carolina. It was the move
to the upstate that inspired her to write The Summer I Learned to Dive. Shannon lives in Greenville,
South Carolina with her husband and toy poodle.



  1. This sounds like a great emotionally charged sequel!

  2. not the biggest fan of this cover... but your blog is adorable :)

    Michelle @ Pink Polka Dot Book Blog

    1. Thanks :). The first book was good. Haven't read the second yet.

  3. Ack! I love love the sound of this series! Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Ellen!


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