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Tour Stop: The Billionaire's Christmas Baby by Victoria James from Entangled Publishing

The Billionaire's Christmas Baby

Published November 19th 2012 by Entangled Publishing (Indulgence)
Jackson Pierce didn't make his fortune entertaining every half-cocked idea, especially one involving diaper changes. Not even the cute brunette who links him to the baby in her arms can crack his icy heart.
A baby on the doorsteps is the least of Hannah Woods problems--she has to find the baby's uncle, or the child will end up in foster care. She sleuths her way to the reclusive CEO's doorstep only to find six feet of holiday sexy--and a door slammed in her face. But when Jackson comes around, and urges they marry for little Emily's sake, Hannah finds herself falling for the jaded billionaire and wishing for a holiday miracle of their own...
My Thoughts:  The Billionaire's Christmas Baby is the perfect Christmas read, warming your heart and making you smile.  Hannah Woods is a social worker who occasionally crosses the line, caring to much for her cases.  That is what happened with Louise, a new young mother who Hannah had been working with.  When she walks out of the Church where she has been holding a meeting one night, she finds a basket with a little pink bundle in it.  She automatically knows that it is Emily, Louise's baby, and her heart drops, fearing the worst.  Louise asks Hannah, in the note she left attached to Emily, to find  her brother, stating that he would raise Emily.  That is exactly what Hannah vows to do, even though it requires her to break almost every rule in the book to accomplish.  When she finally manages to trace down Louise's brother, he not only has changed his name, he is a very rich business owner who has done everything in his power to distance himself from his family, wanting nothing to do with them.  After making the six-hour drive to Jackson Pierce's cabin, and with a blizzard now starting, Hannah makes her way to the door and knocks.  When the door opens she finds one of the most handsome men she has ever seen.  As soon as she mentions his sister, she gets to the door slammed in her face and is shocked by the rudeness and coldness Jackson Pierce exudes.  After a second unsuccessful attempt to talk to him, she angrily makes her way back to the car, and to Emily. 

In the meantime, Jackson begins to feel guilty about the way he treated Hannah.  He thought she was probably someone looking for money or one of his sister's low-life friends, but on closer observation, she doesn't fit that image at all.  He walks out and convinces Hannah to stay, because there is no way he can let her take off in this storm, though convincing her takes quite a bit of effort and he is somewhat shocked when he sees her with a little baby.  Hannah's plan to win Jackson over and convince him to adopt his dead sister's baby is foiled when he overhears her talking on the phone and finds out he is Emily's uncle.  He tells Hannah he wants nothing to do with the baby, and is very angry.  In the meantime, the storm intensifies and Hannah and Jackson are forced to spend several days together.  Hannah must convince Jackson that he is what Emily needs, but in the process, she finds out that he might just be what she needs to.  Jackson is drawn to Hannah and his cold core begins to melt, showing the good heart that lies beneath.  Try as he may to deny it, Jackson is as drawn to Emily as she is to him, though neither want to admit.  Yes there is the physical attraction, but there is something else there to.  They find themselves unintentionally sharing things with the other that they normally would never have let anyone see, but is this enough to change Jackson's mind, and if he does, what will it take to get Emily, and what obstacles will they have to overcome in the process?

I really enjoyed The Billionaire's Christmas Baby.  I loved the story line and the characters.  Hannah has been raised in the system, so her heart goes out to the children.  Despite what she has been through, she loves Christmas and everything that goes along with it.  Jackson on the other hand, is a bit of a Scrooge, retreating every December to his secluded cabin to escape Christmas and the memories that go along with it, but Hannah sees beneath his handsome facade into his true heart, and the glimpses she gets of this man, touch her heart and her soul.  Jackson also has feeling stirring within him that he didn't know he had, and finds himself wanting to protect this beautiful woman he is quickly becoming attached to.  The romance is hot and so is the chemistry between these two.  I enjoyed watching the relationship emerge between these two, as what is deemed as a business relationship, quickly turns into so much more.  The Billionaire's Christmas Baby is like a Hallmark movie with a little sizzle on paper and completely warms your heart and makes you smile.  If you are looking for a really good contemporary holiday romance, then you should definitely check this book out.     

About Victoria James:
Victoria James is a romance writer living near Toronto, Canada. Victoria is a mother to two young children, and one very disorderly feline. Victoria attended Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario and graduated with a degree in English Literature, where she met and then later married, her own hero. After Queen's, Victoria earned a degree in Interior Design. After the birth of her first child she began pursuing her life-long passion of writing. Her dream of being a published romance author was realized last February, 2012, when Entangled Publishing bought her manuscript. Victoria is living her dream-staying home with her children and conjuring up happy endings for her characters.
Visit Victoria James:
Twitter: @vicjames101

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Check out an Excerpt from The Billionaire's Christmas Baby here.  


  1. I have seen this one around a lot lately. It sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing it!

    1. It is a really fun Christmas read.

  2. Oh yes this does sound like a Hallmark movie! It sounds good though and I love that Hannah was raised in the system but grew up to be a social worker. Sounds good!

  3. "Hallmark movie with a little sizzle..." -- I can't say no to that! And what a perfect time of year for this one! Thanks for the great review! :)

  4. Ohmygosh! This book sounds so sweet and heartfelt. How fun! I really want to read it. Thanks for sharing, Ellen!

    1. It is a really fun Christmas book.


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