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Kailin Gow - Beautiful Beings and Heaven and Hell - Book Tour

Welcome to the blog tour for BEAUTIFUL BEINGS and HEAVEN AND HELL by Kailin Gow.  The tour his hosted by Reading Addiction Blog Tours, and you can check out the rest of the stops on the tour here.  

Beautiful Beings (Beautiful Beings #1)

Published July 18th 2011 by

An ethereal exclusive boarding school with unearthly beautiful students...Lux, a rebel girl, who has been seeing demons and angels since she was two...Asher, the bad boy on a motorcycle who sketches angels...Brax Kingsley who instantly captures Lux's eyes when she moves into the neighborhood...And the Hatchett twins whose parents were murdered, leaving them a ridiculous fortune...All brought together...all part of the puzzle behind the Beautiful Beings.

My Thoughts:  Lux Collins finds herself on the move again.  Her family is moving from Seattle to San Francisco.  Even though it is because of her that they have to move, she is still not very happy about it.  What teenager wants to move during the school year, but then again, Lux is anything but your typical teenager.  Since Lux was 2 years old, she has been able to see both angels and demons.  You see, Lux is a demon hunter and has been charged with that task since she was very young.  Her dad and mom both got great new jobs, but the real reason they moved was because of the call Lux has.  Lothario, her current guardian informs her that there is much work to be done in San Franciso, but what that involves, Lux has yet to find out.  As they are driving into their new neighborhood, her dad slows down to show them his boss's mansion.  Lux immediately locks eyes with the boy in the driveway, feeling a connection to him.  It turns out that this young man is Braxton Kingsley, who also happens to be the one who shows her around when she starts school at a prestigious private academy.  Lux notices that the students at the academy are some of the most beautiful creatures she has ever seen.  In fact, at lunch that day, Brax introduces her to Shayne and Moore Hatchett, who are two of the most beautiful beings she has ever seen.  Lux feels unnaturally compelled to Moore, who causes her to practically loose all her inhibition, as she is extremely attracted to him.  Then again, she is also very attracted to Brax, and the feeling is mutual, something that does not go unnoticed my Moore's sister Shayne.  On top of that she meets Asher, and feels an undeniable chemistry with him also.  She soon finds out that these three play a much bigger role in her life and in her calling as a demon hunter, and none of them are what they seem.

I typically have not read a great deal of angel books, though I have found myself enjoying them more lately, and was intrigued when I read the synopsis of this book.  The main character is Lux, who is a teenage demon hunter.  The secondary characters are Brax, Moore, Asher, and Shayne, also play large rolls in the book.    Brax is a hottie and immediately has a thing for Lux, and these two wind up spending a lot of time together and it seems as if they are a couple.  He is also the first person who finds out more about what Lux is, and in fact, finds himself a bigger part of the equation.  Asher is your hot bad boy type who quickly becomes friends with Lux, though he and Lux also have a undeniably electric chemistry between them.  Moore is the third hottie in the book, and is a rich playboy type who oozes with sex appeal and he knows it.  Shayne is Moore's sister and is really evil, though she tries to cover it up.  Lux finds herself attracted to all three of these guys, even though Moore happens to be the one who has the strongest hold on her.  While the romance is hot, I did not like the fact that Lux so easily bounced from guy to guy, making out with all of them, yet didn't really seem to feel that she was doing anything wrong, which left me rather disappointed in her because of this.  Asher's role becomes clear towards the end of the book, and both he and Brax rise to the occasion when they are all forced into battle.  Unfortunately, Shayne's manipulative and evil ways result in a murder, false accusation and imprisonment of one character, and the mysterious disappearance of yet another.  I am curious to see where Gow takes the story next.  

Heaven and Hell (Beautiful Beings #2)

Published December 6th 2011 by

Lux Collins now know what are the Beautiful Beings and the danger they pose to everyone. All her training and experience in the world cannot prepare her for what she cannot help: falling in love with one. Her enemy, her forbidden love. Can she break the curse on him and save him from his fate or will their love be doomed forever?

My Thoughts:  Heaven and Hell picks up where Beautiful Beings left off.  Lux finds herself going through the motions at school, Brax and Asher are both missing from her life.  She now knows what the Beautiful Beings are, and the curse that they live under, and unfortunately finds herself very enamored with Moore, who just so happens to be one.  Moore's feelings for Lux prove to be sincere, and he ends up helping her to track down Brax, and both he and Brax agree to help Asher.  While Shayne is embracing her dark side, Moore is trying desperately to fight his, and Lux is committed to help him overcome his curse, finding her self falling for him harder and harder.  They take a trip to England and manage to find Brax, convincing him to come back, but when Lux receive's a visit from Brax's dead parents, it is soon revealed that Brax also suffers from the same curse that Moore is under.  Asher rises to the occasion and though he still has strong feelings for Lux, they manage to keep those in tow in this installment, and are focused more on fighting the demons and recovering and keeping safe "The Book of Angels," which holds many secrets that do not need to fall into the wrong hands.  They find themselves in an intense battle, after which the truth of who and what Lux really is, is revealed. 

I enjoyed the story more in this book, as it seemed to have more of a defined purpose, which was to stop Shayne, get the book, and help Moore and Asher get freed from their curse.  There were battles with demons, and they learned more about the Incubus and Succubus demons, as well as the need for an Angel to help defeat them.  Lux was able to control the physical aspect of her relationship with Asher, even though the chemistry was still there, but she still bounced between Moore and Brax.  After an incredible weekend with Moore, as soon as they find Asher, she winds up in his arms kissing him, even though she loves Moore.  This back and forth continues, and that is really my only dislike about the book and the series, though it is a major one.  Lux does find something out about Brax at the end, which may help her in her decision as to which guy she wants, however that remains to be seen.  What she finds out about herself, however, may be to key to saving both of them.  Personally, I like Asher, but Lux likes them all, so we'll have to see where that goes.  I am curious about what happens next, so I think I will be reading the next book in the series when I get a chance.  I would have really enjoyed this book if it weren't for the way Lux bounced from guy to guy, which in my opinion, tarnished her image as a heroine and the one who was to bring light to the dark situations.  We'll have to see what happens in the next book.    

Author Bio
Kailin Gow has appeared on top national syndicated talk shows such as ABC Radio, Barbara Dooley show, Chat with Women on KKNW Seattle, Broadminded on Sirius Radio XM, and more as a leading authority on YA and women's issues including self-esteem, body image, dating and sexual relationships, abuse, and bullying. Kailin has been a published author for over 10 years with over 100 titles published under her name and under pen names.

She is the founder of the community social site, The Saving You Saving Me Project, which helps teens, young adults, and women deal with social issues like sexual abuse, self-esteem, body image, bullying, cutting, relationships, and more in a positive community environment. The Saving You Saving Me Project is an extention of her YA-mature fiction Saving You Saving Me.
Kailin Gow began writing books for tween girls to help them with self-confidence and self-esteem. Her book, Gifted Girls Activities Guide to 365 Days of the Week, became a reference book used in girls organizations across the U.S. As her tween fans grew to become teens and young adults, Kailin began writing engaging and entertaining young adult book series for them. The results are book series like the Frost Series, PULSE Series, Wicked Woods Series, Stoker Sisters, Phantom Diaries, The Fire Wars, FADE, DESIRE, and more.

All her books are inspired by personal experiences. Saving You Saving Me was inspired by her experience as a peer counselor for young women during college and from her psychology major college roommate's experience being in a relationship similar to the one portrayed by Sam and Collins in the book. Loving Summer was inspired by Kailin's experience growing up with a family consisting of a mother, two sons, and a daughter who went through a similar experience of tragedy in the book. Aunt Sookie is based on herself and some actor friends she knows. The Frost Series, Circus of Curiosities Series, and FADE Series came about through vivid dreams. Never Say Never was inspired by Kailin's experience as a radio host and working with and interviewing bands, as well as having college friends who were in bands. Kailin also played the drums and keyboard for a band she once started. A classically-trained musician, she was once led her school orchestra, playing first chair violin. Her experience in the music world and her love of Phantom of the Opera, inspired the Phantom Diaries. PULSE was inspired when Kailin was in the hospital suffering from heavy blood loss post surgery and needed several bags of blood to survive (like a vampire). Beautiful Beings was inspired by her college encounter with a young demon exorcist. A pastor once told her she had the gift of sight and that she was destined to become a prolific author, many times over.

She began taking her writing seriously when her daughter was diagnosed as being on the spectrum and her mother was fighting three types of cancer. Four years later, her daughter was no longer on the spectrum, and her mother became cancer free. Kailin believes in hope and miracles, after having been through several struggles and experiences herself. This is why she writes.
When not busy inhaling chocolate and drinking coffee by the gallon, Kailin makes time for writing fantasy books, blogging as an expert blogger for Fast Company, volunteering as an Emergency Responder and volunteering for battered women's shelters. For fun, she plays the electric violin, and puts together a music playlist for her radio and web shows.
Her Frost Series consisting of the Bitter Frost Series, The Wolf Fey Series, and the Fairy Rose Chronicles along with her other book series are being developed into worldwide MMORPG Games by SEE GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT, which is the world's leading game developer known for developing the top blockbuster films into games.

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  1. This is one of the few series but Gow that I haven't tried yet. I am glad that you seem to like them.

    1. It was good, I just have a hard time with her being with "all" of the guys.

  2. I don't usually love angel books and the romance sounds like something that would make me throw the book across the room. When I pick this author up I will need to start somewhere else cause I don't think this series is for me.

    1. LOL - It would have been really good if it weren't for her making out with "all" of them.

  3. I love angel books, and this series sounds really good. The covers are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing and for your awesome reviews! I love that you enjoyed the second story even more - that's always a plus!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of angel books, either, but these do sound like interesting reads!


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