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Blog Tour: Just for Fun: Escape to New Zealand #4 by Rosalind James

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Just For Fun by Rosalind James.  The tour is hosted by Reading Addiction Blog Tours.  You can visit the rest of the stops on the tour here.  My stop today features a review, and there is also an excerpt from the book, which you can check out below.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Contemporary Romance
Title: Just For Fun (Escape to New Zealand #4)
Author - Rosalind James
Date Published: 12/8/12

    What if the person who broke your heart turned out to be the only one who could mend it?

 Nic Wilkinson is a responsible, organized, disciplined rugby player at the top of his game. Emma Martens is a sometimes-scattered, often-emotional, and always-broke would-be designer with a big chip on her shoulder where Nic’s concerned.

 They have no history together, except one perfect week. Nothing in common anymore, except the most important thing of all.

 Getting together again would be messy. Complicated. Scary. And, just maybe, worth every risk.

My Thoughts:  Nic Wilkinson is a ruby player on a plane to Fiji for a vacation.  Emma Martens was on that same plane to Fiji for her honeymoon, only she was on it alone.  She and her fiance had broken up, and because of the nonrefundable tickets, she went anyway, and she was very tipsy to say the least.  When turbulence hits she falls right into Nic's lap, literally.  She ends up in the seat next to him, telling him everything that happened.  One thing leads to another, and they experience one week together, a very hot week mind you, but just one week.  That was six years ago.  Now at rugby camp, Nic is there as a favor to his friend, a hero to most of the young boys.  One boy, Zack, stands out in particular to him.  Then he sees her, Emma, in the crowd, even though she tried to disappear.  He immediately knows that Zack is his son, and finds out her address.  Emma and Zack find Nic Wilkinson sitting on their doorstep later, looking for an explanation.  As it turns out, Nic never called Emma back, and despite her many attempts to reach him and let him know what happened, he never got the messages.  Nevertheless, despite the past, Nic is determined to be a part of Zacks' life, a fact that his fiancee, Claudia, is not happy about at all.  When given an ultimatum, will Nic choose his life with Claudia, or the chance to get to know his son?

Just for Fun is the story of how these two people who spent one week together, now try to figure out how to manage a life tied together by this beautiful little boy.  It's not easy.  It's not insta-love.  It's a lot of hard work.  Things aren't smoothly reconciled, and broken relationships take time to mend.  Overall, this was a good romance.  I enjoyed the story line.  The writing sometimes was a little rushed and hard to understand, because of all Kiwi lingo.  There is glossary provided in the back, which I didn't realize was there until it was finished the book, so if you read the book, be aware that it is available to you and it will make it much easier to understand what they are talking about. As far as romance, there are a few steamy scenes in the latter portion of the book also, which were good.  Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable book once I kind of got the hang of the lingo.  If you are a contemporary romance fan, then you may want to check Just for Fun out.  

Just for Fun: Escape to New Zealand #4 (Rosalind James)
“Mum!” Zack burst in through the front door. “It was brilliant!” He kicked his shoes off impatiently, dropped his rugby boots next to them before struggling out of his jacket. Nic followed him in, grabbed the jacket and hung it on the brightly painted rack next to the door when Zack would have dropped it on the floor.
Emma reached out for a hug that, Nic saw, the boy was still willing to give his mother, at least here at home. Her eyes met Nic’s as she looked over her son’s head. How did she always look so soft? So . . . pettable? She was wearing another sweater, that was all, he told his troublesome libido. Another light, lacy one, prettily trimmed once again. A pale pink cardigan with pearly shell buttons, edged in cream, over a long stretchy top and leggings. She looked like an invitation to cuddle. Like the best blankie ever.
“Can Nic stay for dinner, Mum?” Zack asked excitedly, offering a welcome distraction from his wayward train of thought. “He could help me tell you all the things we did. We’re having spaghetti!” he told Nic. “It’s really good.”
“Can’t, mate. Sorry,” Nic put in hastily at Emma’s instinctive shake of the head. “But I’ll have a glass of water, if one’s on offer.”
“Sit down,” Emma told him. “Please.”
Nic slipped off his own shoes before heading to the couch with Zack. “Cheers,” he said as she came back from the kitchen to hand each of them a glass, then took her own seat in a small armchair next to the couch, the only other option the little room offered.
“You look tired,” she said abruptly. “And bruised. Are you OK?”
“Just a bit confused on the sleep schedule, still,” Nic admitted. “I took a wee pill on the flight home, but it never works that well.”
“It’s a long way, Mum,” Zack put in. “South Africa’s really far.”
Nic took a long drink of the cold water, looked around for something to set the glass on. “Coaster?”
“Just put it down,” Emma told him.
“Don’t want to spoil this,” he said, looking more closely at the coffee table. The simple rectangle had been transformed into a forest of ferns, with native birds peeping out from underneath fronds, perched in trees. The parson-throated tui making a meal of red fruit, the colorful, stumpy takahe on the forest floor, tiny fantails darting overhead.
“You can’t,” Emma assured him. “It’s all enamels. Everything in this house is pretty indestructible.”
“Did you find the ruru yet?” Zack asked him, leaning forward.
“Don’t tell me,” Nic said. “Let me look.” Zack watched him eagerly as he searched and finally pointed triumphantly to a notch in a tree where the owl blended into the bark. “There.”
“You did this too, eh,” he asked Emma. “Nice.”
“I did everything. That’s my decorating theme. Things I made.”
“I like it,” he assured her. The warm colors of the lounge seemed to cocoon them. Two walls were a rich caramel, the others a warm yellow. She didn’t even paint every wall in a room the same color, he realized. Well, at least in the kitchen it was all the same. Purple. He wondered what color her bedroom was. How it looked. And found himself wishing, against every better impulse, that he could see it.

Rosalind James Author Bio:  Rosalind James is the author of the Kindle bestseller Just This Once and the three subsequent books in the Escape to New Zealand series. She is a former marketing executive who has lived all over the United States and in a number of other countries, traveling with her civil engineer husband. Most recently, she spent several years in Australia and New Zealand, where she fell in love with the people, the landscape, and the culture of both countries.

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  1. I haven't seen this one around so I am glad you reviewed it. Thanks for the tip about the gloasary in the back (that seems to be the only bad thing about books on e-readers is not knowing what is in the very back until you are there and sometimes too late for some of the storyline).

  2. It's tough as an author to know how to tell folks what's in the back, you're right--it is in the table of contents, but most people don't look at that. And you don't want to put it in the front, as people want to get into the story. Much easier with the paperback version. Thanks for the review! If you're curious about the book or any of the series, there are many detailed reviews on Amazon. Best, Rosalind James

  3. This sounds really good! I love books set in Australia so I'm sure I would love them in New Zealand as well. And I like that its a bit different sort of romance with a child in the story as well.


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