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Blog Tour: Temptation by Kathryn Barrett - Interview, Giveaway, Review

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Temptation by Kathryn Barrett from Entangled Publishing's Edge Imprint.  Today's stop features an interview with Kathryn, two great giveaways, which you can enter below, and a review.  You can check out the other stops on the tour here.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Title: Temptation
Author: Kathryn Barrett
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Length: 322 pages
Release Date: February 18, 2013
Imprint: Entangled Edge
ISBN: 9781622669615

Laura Hayes has been acting since she was an infant, making Hollywood the only home she has ever known. But when she moves to Pennsylvania's Amish country to film her next movie, she discovers there's more to life than a pair of Jimmy Choos and a Marie Claire cover. 

Intrigued by the Amish simplicity, she's soon gardening and baking plum pies—and enjoying it. And when her neighbor turns out to be the local heartthrob and a talented furniture maker, she realizes that what's missing from her life might be the love of a good man—not to mention the perfect heirloom tomato. 

Jacob fights the urge to question the teachings of his Amish beliefs—despite his desire to create furniture that is beautiful as well as useful—and struggles with his longing for the sexy stranger who makes him feel truly alive for the first time. As his attraction grows, so do his doubts, until he's forced to face temptation and decide once and for all what is truly worth the fight.

Interview with Temptation Author Kathryn Barrett

Hi Kathryn, thank you so much for being here today.  It’s great to have you. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m an American, but I’ve lived in England for the past few years ever since my husband got transferred here. I’ve rediscovered a love of history, poking around in all the historical sites here—castles, stately homes, ancient stone circles. The best thing is, I can take my dog, Sparky, to many of these places. He’s a rescue dog we got two years ago, and when I’m not writing I’m usually hanging out with him, on a walk or training him some new trick.
Where did you get your idea for Temptation?
A great site called novelideas.com! No, really, the character of Laura was a secondary character in another novel, and when I started wondering what became of her, I somehow imagined her going to Amish country and falling in love with an Amish woodworker. It turned out to be exactly what she needed to complete her “character arc”—I think my subconscious was really guiding me on this one.

 Can you tell us a little bit about Laura and Jacob, and their history?
They meet for the first time in the opening scene of Temptation, and there’s an immediate spark. While Jacob is a lot better at hiding his feelings, Laura is attracted from the beginning, and not afraid to let him see. I think for any story of forbidden love, it’s important that one character take the initiative, otherwise they’ll both hang back, hiding their feelings, and the spark just won’t turn into a flame. In this book, it’s Laura, though Jacob is more than willing. But he’s the more sober, responsible, character, so he hesitates to act even when he’s seeing a green light.
What were the challenges, i.e., research, literary, psychological, logistical, in bringing your novel to life?
There was lots of research to do to make a story set in Amish country realistic. I had to learn what the rules were, and how far I could go in “breaking” them. It turns out that each Amish congregation interprets the rules somewhat differently, so that gave me some latitude—if Rachel’s kapp was white instead of black, or if Jacob was allowed to use a certain tool for his furniture making business, I figured it would be acceptable in my imaginary Amish community.

What is your favorite scene or quote from Temptation?
It’s about 2/3 of the way through, and Laura is starting to realize that, although she loves Jacob, she also values his friendship:

Laura knew she could make him want her, make him stay. Yet she wouldn't do that to her friend, the only person who'd ever put tuna cans around her seedlings.

Even if she thought, deep down, that he might just want her to.

What are your current projects?
Right now I’m working on a novel set in Washington, D.C., a town that has plenty of possibility for intrigue!
What is something that people would be surprised to know about you?
Despite the fact I write contemporary romance, I love to read historicals. Most of the books on my Kindle are historical, in fact. Right now I’m catching up on the Loretta Chase novels that I somehow missed the first time around. Some of my favorite historical authors are Laura Kinsale and Judith Ivory.
If you had to sum up Temptation in a tweet, what would it say?
What happens when Hollywood’s sweetheart falls for the boy next door?
This or That:

E-books or print copies?

Facebook or Twitter?

Coffee, tea, or Coke?
Green tea—I gave up a heavy coffee habit cold turkey, after reading a book called 10 Ways to Reduce Your Anxiety. I’ve been sane ever since.

Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Dark—preferably 70% or darker.

Theater or DVD?

Beach or Mountains?
Mountains, definitely. I burn easily, and some of my worst childhood memories are being soaked with vinegar and Solarcaine after being blistered at the beach.

Thanks again for stopping by today Kathryn.  It was great talking to you.  

My Review:  Laura Hayes is in Pennsylvania where her latest movie, The Temptation of Hannah, is being filmed.  She is playing the part of an Amish woman, and where better to be than in the midst of Amish country.  The Amish are known for their furniture building and Laura has found out that Jacob Hostetler is considered one of the best craftsman around.  When she pulls up at his house to inquire about a cradle for her sister's new baby, the last thing she expects is to be completely taken by this swoon-worthy Amish man.  Jacob is a widower and has a small son, Daniel.  They live with his mother Rachel, who is also a widow.  When Laura leaves the Hostetler's house to head back into town, Rachel notices shortly thereafter that Daniel is missing.  This sparks a community-wide search for him.  Meanwhile, when Rachel gets back to her room, she finds Daniel asleep under a quilt in the back.  She and Daniel hit it off immediately and she promptly takes him back home, where she is welcomed and thanked for taking care of him, though a little reluctantly by Jacob.  It also turns out that the house she has bought to live in just happens to be next door to Jacob.  Laura is very attracted to Jacob, and though Jacob doesn't want to admit it, he feels the same way towards Laura.  Because he knows this type of relationship is forbidden by his religion, he tries his hardest to stay away from her and keep things platonic, but every time they turn around something happens that throws them together.

Jacob also helps Laura start her garden, something she soon finds to be one of the most enjoyable things she has ever done.  Laura also discovers that her attraction to Jacob goes much deeper, he has become her friend.  She comes to realize that the life she has lead has left an empty hole, a hole that Jacob fills.  Laura finds herself much like Eve in the garden, a temptress, and Jacob finds it very hard to resist the apple she is offering.  He also finds that his feelings for Laura are much deeper than mere attraction also.  Unfortunately, the Amish community is not happen about the film and it results in many of them refusing to have anything to do with Laura, and Laura even finds herself being threatened, not only by someone there wanting her to leave, but also by her ex-husband.  Meanwhile, Jacob is also questioning his faith and many of the little things regarding it that are really bothering him.  When circumstances finally crescendo, Jacob must decide if he is willing to choose love over his Amish way of life. 

thoroughly enjoyed temptation.  It is obvious that Kathryn Barrett has invested a lot of time and research into the Amish way of life and has done an excellent job in conveying that in her story.  I loved both Laura and Jacob.  There was definitely chemistry between them, and though the temptation was definitely there, it wasn't something that Jacob didn't take lightly.  The relationship transpired over months, building friendship, as well as love.  Kathryn Barrett also did a wonderful job in conveying the members of the Amish society, their different characteristics, and their beliefs, enabling you to feel like you got to know them as individuals and not such as "Amish."  I loved the romance between Laura and Jacob.  This story of an English woman and an Amish man falling in love, and all the hardships and challenges they face along the way was very enjoyable, and kept me interested from start to finish.  The book also ended very well, and there is a fantastic epilogue, which left me feeling very satisfied and happy about where the story went.  If you are a romance lover, then you definitely should check out Temptation.  

Read chapter one here

Author Information:  Kathryn Barrett has been writing women’s fiction since the day her youngest daughter left for pre-school. All was going well, until she read a book called “30 Mistakes In Fiction Writing” and realized she was making all of them.
One by one, she’s overcome the mistakes and learned to make a few more along the way. “The best way to learn to write is to write,” she says. “Period.”
Kathryn lives near London in the enchanting countryside of England. When she’s not writing, she’s busy training a rescue dog, tramping around archeological ruins, and occasionally making wine runs to France. Because nothing fuels the imagination like a good Bordeaux.

1. Tour Stop Giveaway: Kathryn is giving away an ebook of Temptation (open internationally).  
2. Grand Prize: Kathryn is also also giving away a Kindle Paperwhite at the close of the Temptation blog tour! 

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