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Grab Your Pole Street Team - Check it out!

to the Grab Your Pole Street Team! This team is all about spreading the love
for the  Grab Your Pole series by Jenn
the GYP Street Team is so easy! Just follow the link at the bottom of the page,
fill out the sign-up form, and “Like”  Jenn
Cooksey Novels
on Facebook.

simply signing up, you will receive the official Grab Your Pole Swag Pack,
which includes:

·        A GYP Street Team badge to post on your blog, if
you have one
GYP series bookmarks
A GYP Street Team bracelet
The official GYP tissue pack·       

Bonus: the first 24 people to sign up will also

get an Official GYP Street Team bag!

the GYP Street Team works:
As members of the GYP Street Team, you will have the

opportunity to perform tasks that will help spread the word about the series.

These tasks are not required, but they will gain you entries towards winning
prizes. You do not have to be a blogger to be a Street Team member.
Ways  to Earn Pimp Points Will Include:
Follow Jenn Cooksey on Twitter

Post about the books (Examples: Reviews, Teaser

Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday, Swoon Thursday, etc.)
Purchase the books, for yourself or someone else

Tweet links about the series. (We don’t want to

spam Twitter with links, so that will be limited to once/day.)

Leave reviews for Shark Bait and The Other Fish

in the Sea. We know this one is limited to a point, so if you do not win the
giveaway in that time period, your review points will roll over.

Like the Grab Your Pole characters’ Facebook


“In the Wild” Points: leave a GYP item in the

wild (book store, library, coffee shop, etc), take a picture of it, and post it
to the Facebook page or email it to

(let us know if it’s okay to post, with credit). Something fun: The next time
you’re in a store with digital readers or computers, pull up a GYP Book,
review, or Jenn Cooksey’s blog on the device! Just don’t do anything to get in
trouble! ;-)

Find pictures, songs, anything that reminds you

of the series, and post them to the Jenn’s Facebook page or any of the
characters’ pages.
Use your imagination. Surprise us with your creative way of spreading the word about the GYP Series.

in it for you??
You mean, besides being part of the coolest Street Team

around, right? The Grab Your Pole Street Team was created to spread the word

about the series, but also to have fun. And what’s more fun than prizes?!
Jenn will be sending out a regular

newsletter to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening with Grab Your Pole

gang and any cool info or tidbits that happen to pop up. She will also announce
the winner of the latest Street Team giveaway. The prizes will vary each time
so you will always have the opportunity to win something awesome. And…Jenn
wants YOU to help with the newsletter by suggesting topics or asking her
questions that she can discuss in the newsletter. Send your suggestions to
with “Newsletter Discussion or Question”.
Prizes May Include:
These are examples, the

prizes for the drawing will be determined before the giveaway starts, and may include

any of the prizes listed below:     

An autographed physical copy of a

book from the series·        

A limited edition, autographed
ARC of future books
GYP T-shirts

Music from the


Signed glossies

of the book covers
GYP coffee mugs

Amazon gift


A Q&A chat

with author Jenn Cooksey

Now for the Giveaways
1st Official Street Team Giveaway
Prize: One winner will win two paperback copies of their choice, Shark Bait or The Other Fish in the Sea. One is to keep, the other is to give away.
Bonus entry: If you purchase The Other Fish in the Sea, on release day, you will earn double points on that task. To enter, email
 with a proof of purchase (can be a screenshot, forwarded receipt, etc) Subject “TOFitS Release Day Purchase” and we will keep track of your points.
Bonus Giveaway
One paperback copy of The Other Fish in the
This one is easy peasy. All you must do to
enter is read The Other Fish in the Sea, and leave an honest review on Amazon.


Thanks for your comments. I love hearing from you!

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