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Blog Tour: Down N Derby by Lila Felix - Review, Excerpt, Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Down 'N' Derby by Lila Felix.  The tour is hosted by Mandy at I Read Indie.  You can check out the other stops on the tour here.  My stop today features a review and giveaway, which you can enter below.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Down 'N' Derby (Love and Skate #3)
by Lila Felix
Published:  April 12, 2013

Maddox is running. 
By accident, he discovered long ago that he was adopted as a baby and his need to find his biological father has consumed him ever since. Now, on a road trip, determined to find his father and his sanity, and armed with locations and his cousin, Nixon, to help him, maybe he can find the answers he’s been searching for. With nothing but a suitcase and a wad of cash to get him there, lead after lead takes him further from home.

But he’ll find much more than he intended.
He finds Storey, a pint sized pin-up model who has learned painful lessons about guys. Her wounds run deep, but so do his. She knows what she wants, but will she recognize it when it’s right in front of her?

Maddox can’t touch anyone without feeling like his skin is crawling, but just maybe his instinct to protect this amazing girl will supersede his own hang-ups. 
If he can brush her skin and start to feel alive inside...everything will change.

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My Thoughts:  I have just fallen in love with this series and couldn't wait to read the third installment, Down 'N' Derby, which is Maddox's story.  Maddox is the youngest of the Black brothers.  We read Owen, the oldest brother's story, in book one, and Falcon's story in book two.  Of course the stories wouldn't be complete without the derby girls that are the main characters in them, Nellie and Reed.  In book three we meet Storey, Maddox's love interest.   Maddox has just graduated from high school.  He has been carrying a big secret around with him since he was 9 years old, one that not even his brothers know about.  He is determined to find his biological father, so he and his cousin Nixon secretly take off on a cross country road trip to do just that.  After checking out couple of dead-end leads, the boys wind up in California.  It is here that Maddox gets the answers to his questions, and it is here that Maddox begins his road to healing, but unbeknownst to Maddox, the family he left behind is shattered by his disappearance.   Reed and Flacon have canceled the wedding until Maddox returns, and for Reed, who is Maddox's best friend, the stress of keeping Maddox's secrets  is causing a huge strain on her relationship with Falcon.  What will be left of the family when Maddox returns remains to be seen.  

I just loved Maddox.  He may just be my favorite of the Black brothers.  He is sweet, a total hottie, and so funny.  He also has some really deep wounds that need that have left him emotionally damanged.  His healing process begins when he meets Storey.  Storey works as a pin-up model under the name of Missy Hellcat, earning money to go to college.  She is also a derby girl and is known as American Horror Storey.  Maddox meets Storey in California, on the last leg of a road trip that he and his cousin Nixon have embarked on.  Maddox feels and experiences things with Storey that he has never been able to before, and they both find themselves crazy about each other.  Storey has her own darkness that she is overcoming, but with Maddox, she finally begins to see the light that accompanies at the other end of the tunnel.  Everything seems to be going great until an event occurs that causes Maddox to put his walls back up, and these walls threaten to destroy everything that he and Storey have together. 

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Down 'N' Derby is a wonderful story with a unique theme that I found fun and entertaining.  The whole roller derby aspect provides a freshconcept to this contemporary romance.  I absolutely love all the characters and you really get to know them all in depth in this series.  I loved that in each book, you still get to see and experience the characters that you have come to know and love in the previous book and find out what's going on in their lives.  They are all still very much a part of the story.  The romance in Down 'N' Derby is sweet and the relationship between Maddox and Storey was endearing.  I also loved the epilogue that Lila Felix wrote.  She has done this in a way that I have never seen before, and it was absolutely awesome.  Not only does she make you completely satisfied with where the story and the lives of the characters are at now, but she sets you up for a new story that is yet to come.  Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Down 'N' Derby and I would most definitely recommend it, and the entire series.  


He got up after that but turned around after a few steps later and gave me one last piece of his pitiful mind. “You’re cute all right, but damn, what a wench.”
      I was prepared to shrug him off.  I was usually called the ice queen or frosty by guys and this was just one more instance where I could care less what he thought of me.  But Suntan had a different plan.  He stood up as the pig was passing and said something in a voice so low and deep that I couldn’t hear the words.  But whatever it was Pig didn’t like it one bit.  He shoved Suntan back a few steps and I could tell he let that happen.  If he wanted to, he wouldn’t have moved one inch.  The other guy with him now stood up behind him, jeering him on.  “Kick his ass, Maddox.”
      “Don’t touch me again and you should apologize to the lady.  Where I come from we don’t call women that name—ever.”
      The guy laughed and got closer to him, “I’ll talk to her any way I want to.  This isn’t Hickville, this is California.”
      Before I knew what was happening, Maddox, I now knew his name, swung the guy around, bolted him in a headlock and they were both storming towards me.  I could feel my eyes grow to the size of silver dollars.  What was he doing?
      He made the guy come to a stop in front of me and then clipped the back of his knees with his foot which made Pig kneel in front of me. “I asked nicely,” Maddox said to him through clenched teeth, “Now I’m asking not nicely, apologize to the lady before you pass out.”  He mumbled a sorry and I accepted, I think.  I was so shocked I could hardly speak.

About the Author…
Lila Felix lives in the swamps of Louisiana with her husband and three boisterous children. She loves coffee, anything cinnamon and loves to cook. She is a big roller derby fan. When she's not writing, she's watching 80's movies, reading, and collecting duct tape.
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