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Blog Tour: Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn - Review, Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Emancipating Andie by Priscilla Glenn.  The tour is hosted by AToMR Tours.  You can check out the rest of the stops on the tour here.  My stop today features a review and giveaway, which you can enter below.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

Title: Emancipating Andie
AuthorPriscilla Glenn
Release date: April 2013
Age Group: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tour organized by: AToMR Tours

Book Description:
Ever since the one time Andie Weber threw caution to the wind - and paid the price for it - she’s learned that it’s safer and smarter to live life playing by the rules. Now she’s got a great apartment, a steady job, and a wonderful boyfriend in Colin; he’s sweet, stable, and essentially perfect – except maybe for the fact that his best friend is Chase.

Chase McGuire lives his carefree, unstructured life strictly for himself. Dripping sarcasm and oozing wit, he refuses to censor his feelings or opinions for anyone, making no apologies for either and wearing his abrasiveness like a badge of honor. No one has ever gotten under Andie’s skin the way Chase does – and vice versa.

So when Andie and Chase find themselves forced to take a two-day road trip together, they are already dreading an inevitable all-out war. But as the trip progresses, and the undeniable friction that has always defined their relationship slowly begins to wear away their preconceived notions of each other, Andie and Chase discover they both have a lot to learn about life, courage, happiness, and the age-old battle between logic and love.
My Thoughts:  I absolutely loved this book.  This is the first novel I have read by Priscilla Glenn and I am now definitely a fan.  Andie "Andromeda" Weber has lived her life cautiously, she follows "the rules", always needing to feel in control, and needing to feel safe,  This stems from something that happened when she was younger that scarred her emotionally.  When Andie meets Colin she thinks he is the perfect guy.  I mean is totally hot, he seems to really care about her, and he is stable, predictable, and comfortable.  Colin takes her to a friend's engagement party where she meets Chase, and she can't stand him.  He is everything that Andie's rules dictate she stay away from.  He is, as Andie puts it, "an asshole." 

Now 17 months later it is time for this same friend to get married in Florida.  Andie has been dating Colin this whole time and their relationship is "safe."  She knows exactly what to expect and that is what she likes and thinks she needs.  Since she doesn't fly, so Andie is driving down to the wedding, which will take two days by herself since Colin needs to be there earlier.  Colin convinces Chase, who is back in town, to ride with with Andie so that she wont' have to make the long drive alone.  Neither of them is looking forward to it, but by the end of the road trip both of their feelings have changed, drastically.  Chase ignites something in Andie that has been hidden, bringing to the surface a fiery temper and a fiery passion.  Andie does something to Chase that no other woman ever has, yet he can't betray his friend, so despite their feelings for each other, they don't act on them, but a wildfire can't be contained and all their attempts to put it out just fuel it even more.  

I absolutely loved Chase.  He is the bad boy with the heart of gold that I totally go for, despite the fact that he can be an asshole, he is also sexy, loyal, funny, and passionate.  Andie grew on me.  I liked her, but as the book progressed I grew to really like her also.  As much as I enjoy series, I loved the fact that this was a standalone.  I totally enjoyed the story from beginning to end and was totally engrossed in it.  The romance was awesome and had quite a bit of sizzle.  Even though this sounds like a love triangle, it really is nothing like your typical love triangle at all.  I absolutely love road trip books, so the road trip part of this novel was my favorite.  I also enjoyed watching the relationship between Andie and Chase progress over time, and the fact that they didn't act on it until they were sure.  Yes, there is confrontation, and yes feelings get hurt, and hard choices have to be made, but Priscilla Glenn has excellently written the story to bring closure and a HEA.  Emancipating Andie is a wonderful contemporary romance and if you are a fan of this genre, then this is one book you definitely will want to check this out.  I loved it.  

Favorite Quotes:

“Are you going to put your shirt back on?” She blurted out.  Chase froze, looking over his shoulder at her with the most maddening smile. “Why? Is this bothering you?”  “I just… I mean, what if we get pulled over or something?”  “If we get pulled over, this could only work in your favor,” he said, running his hand over his chest.  Andie tried to stifle a laugh. “My God, your insufferable.” 

“All I'm saying is,sometimes things happen and we don't see them clearly,either because we're not at the right point in our life,or we're too closely involved to understand.But just because we can't see the reason behind things doesn't mean there isn't one.”

Love with your head and you’ll be safe. You love with anything else, you’ll find yourself in big trouble.

“Don’t ever apologize for being you, Andie.” She opened her eyes and turned to him. He was looking at her, and there was such conviction and sincerity in his expression that Andie felt like she was going to break under the weight of it.”

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About the Author

Priscilla Glenn lives in New York with her husband and three children. She has been teaching English Language Arts at the middle and high school levels for the past eleven years while moonlighting as a writer, mommy, coach, student, and professional laundry-doer.

If you catch her when she's feeling sophisticated, she'll tell you her favorite things are great books and good wine. In the moments in between, she'll admit her love for anything Ben and Jerry's, UFC fights, and Robert Pattinson.

Emancipating Andie is Glenn’s second novel. She is also the author of the contemporary romance/young adult crossover, Back to You.

Social Media links:  Facebook  |  Twitter

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  1. I loved Emancipating Andie! The characters were so endearing and I loved their story. So glad you did, too, Ellen!

  2. I absolutely loved this one as well, I love all Green's books though, she is pretty amazing!
    Great review!

    1. Thanks. It was just great wasn't it. This is the first book I have read, and I plan to check out her other work also.

  3. I absolutely loved Back to You by Priscilla Glenn. I look forward to reading this one.

    1. I haven't read Back to You yet, but she really impressed me with this book. I will be checking that one out for sure.

  4. This book sounds really GOOD!! I'm really looking forward to reading this one!! Thank you so much for a chance to win this awesome sounding book!!!

    1. It was really good. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. I really enjoyed this one. Chase was really great.


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