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Blog Tour: The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller - Interview, Review, Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for The Summer I Became a Nerd by Leah Rae Miller from Entangled Teen.  You can visit the rest of the stops on the tour here.  My stop today features an interview with Leah Rae Miller, as well as my review, and a tour wide giveaway, which you can enter below.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

The Summer I Became a Nerd
by Leah Rae Miller
Published:  May 7, 2013
Publisher:  Entangled Teen

On the outside, seventeen-year-old Madelyne Summers looks like your typical blond cheerleader—perky, popular, and dating the star quarterback. But inside, Maddie spends more time agonizing over what will happen in the next issue of her favorite comic book than planning pep rallies with her squad. That she’s a nerd hiding in a popular girl's body isn’t just unknown, it's anti-known. And she needs to keep it that way.

Summer is the only time Maddie lets her real self out to play, but when she slips up and the adorkable guy behind the local comic shop’s counter uncovers her secret, she’s busted. Before she can shake a pom-pom, Maddie’s whisked into Logan’s world of comic conventions, live-action role-playing, and first-person-shooter video games. And she loves it. But the more she denies who she really is, the deeper her lies become…and the more she risks losing Logan forever.

with Leah Rae Miller

Hi Leah, it is so good to have you today.  Thanks for being here.

Thank you for having me!
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m just a stay-at-home mom who likes to read and write. I can recite the all the states in alphabetical order. I can snap with my right hand, but not my left. And if I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it’d be these enchiladas that I make. They’re so yummy.
Where did you get your idea for The Summer I Became a Nerd?
I just wanted to write about something I loved. I love comics so that was the first aspect I knew I had to include in the book. And where there are comics, nerds are not far away. But I didn’t want to do the “nerd gets a make-over” thing because I’ve always thought, “What’s wrong with being a nerd?” That’s when the image of a popular cheerleader sitting on her bed surrounded by comics came to me.
Can you tell us a little bit about Maddie and Logan?
Maddie isn’t perfect at all. She doesn’t have things figured out, but she has a good heart. Logan, on the other hand, has a good bit figured out. He’s kind and comfortable in his own skin.
What is your favorite scene or quote from The Summer I Became a Nerd?
I really love the final LARP scene! That was one of those ideas that came to me the second I woke up one morning. I was so excited about it that I couldn’t wait to get to that part of the book!
While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters?

I’m constantly trying to put myself in my characters shoes. So, I guess I’ve felt like I was every one of the characters at one point or another.

Can you tell us three things about yourself that people would be surprised to know?

Hmmm. I’ve never seen the Godfather movies, but I plan to remedy that this summer. I can’t swim, just never learned. And I’m a Hufflepuff, though that’s probably more well known than I think.

What types of books do you normally like to read?
I’ll read pretty much anything, but I just want a happy ending most of the time. I like romances, paranormal/fantasy YA, cozy mysteries. I don’t mind the serious stuff, but I have enough seriousness going on in every day life so I tend to read the lighter stuff.  
What TV show/movie/book is your guilty pleasure?
I love “chick flicks”. Especially romantic comedies. If it has one of my favorite actors in it, I’m all over it. It must have a happy ending and lots of kissy-kissy scenes.
If you could ask the author of your choice (living or dead) any question you wanted, who would you ask and what would your question be?
This is… Such a hard question! I might ask John Green about his process. What steps does he take in order to come up with such beautiful words and stories.
If you had to sum up The Summer I Became a Nerd in a tweet, what would it say?
Nerd is the new sexy! #nerdsrock
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Theater or DVD?
Truth or Dare?
Talk or Text?
Thanks so much for stopping by. It was great talking to you.

About Leah

Mother, wife, and YA author living on a windy hill in Natchitoches, Louisiana. I love fuzzy socks, comic books, cherry coke, and brand new office supplies. THE SUMMER I BECAME A NERD coming Summer 2013 from Entangled Teen. Stay cool!

My Review: When Maddie Summers was in junior high school she was happy. One of the biggest highlights of the year was the Halloween costume contest and Maddie was determined to win it. Being a huge comic book fan, she though she would dress up as "Spectrum Girl," because it would be totally awesome and "everyone" knows who Spectrum Girl is and idolizes her just like Maddie, right? Wrong. Not only did they not know who Spectrum Girl was, they laughed at Maddie, calling her a dork. Maddie was absolutely humiliated and devastated. It was then that she vowed to never let anyone know she was a dork again, and she vowed to be the most popular girl in school......that is when her "double life," as she calls it, began. It is now the summer before Maddie begins her senior year in high school. She has worked hard to get where she is. She is a popular cheerleader, her boyfriend is the high school quarterback, she is in with the "in" crowd, and has a wonderful and popular best friend. Life is good, or so it seems. That all changes when the final issue of a comic book that Maddie is dying for doesn't arrive in the mail as she expected, forcing her to go "undercover" to try to get one at local the comic book shop. In disguise, she enters the Phoenix, but alas, they are all sold out. Convinced she might die, she notices that the guy working there happens to be reading a copy, and that guy just happens to be Logan Scott.

Logan Scott has been Maddie's secret "geek idol" for several years. In fact, she thinks he is one of the hottest guys ever and has had a secret crush on him for a quite a while. She winds up striking a deal with him to borrow the comic book, but she must call him and return it. She is convinced he doesn't know who she is, until the next day at school when he makes it very obvious he totally does know, and he is really enjoying the fact that he does. Thus begins the summer that changes Maddie's life forever. She can't stay away from Logan and his world, which she absolutely loves, yet she is torn by trying to keep her life a secret from her friends because she fears losing her "popularity status." The way she feels about Logan forces her to reevaluate her life, make decisions about who she is, who she wants to be, and what she has to do to get there, but in doing so, will she crush any chance she has with Logan in the process?

I absolutely loved this story. It was cute, sweet, funny, and utterly enjoyable. I loved Maddie, though I wanted to shake her a time or two, and I really enjoyed watching her character come to terms with her life, as she matured and figured out who she is and who she wanted to be. She has made and continues to makes a lot of mistakes, but she also tries to make amends, and watching her do this was hilarious, heartwarming, and admirable. Logan Scott - I have my first "nerd crush." He was just awesome and I loved everything about him, especially the fact that despite who Maddie is and her popularity status, he doesn't put up with her crap, and isn't afraid to call her on it. Their romance is sweet and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Logan's best friend Dan was my favorite secondary character. He was absolutely hilarious and had a bit of a potty mouth, but was a tremendously loyal friend. Overall, I totally loved The Summer I Became a Nerd. I was completely engrossed in the story from beginning to end. If you are looking for a delightful summer read that is fun and enjoyable, with the added bonus of having a really good message, then The Summer I Became a Nerd is one book you won't want to miss.
You can read an excerpt here.

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  1. I've never seen the Godfather movies either! I've never been big on mob movies (unless they're comedies), and there's a certain famous scene in the first movie (I think it's the first movie) that ensures I will never watch these. Just can't deal with it:) This sounds like such a fun read, so glad you loved it Ellen and thanks for the interview!

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  3. Fun interview! I have never watched any of the Godfather movies either and really, have no desire too. :P

  4. I've really been looking forward to reading this one. It seems like a fun story and I love the reversal of the makeover.
    Great review and interview.

  5. This really does sound super cute. Glad you liked it!

  6. I really want to read this one! I've seen a few stops on the tour and it sounds fantastic and exactly the kind of book I love to read in the summer!

  7. Great interview! I had fun interviewing Leah as well. :) She sounds so sweet and down to earth.

  8. I just finished reading this! Love, love, love!!! I have the ebook but next week I'm getting two prints. One for my shelf and the other for my cousin. She really needs to read this so she can stop feeling like something is wrong with her liking ballet, classic rock music, and black&white movies. All of her so called friends aren't in to those things and she feels that they would unfriend her if they knew. Awesome book!


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