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Blog Tour: A Terrible Love by Marata Eros - Review, Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for A Terrible Love by Marata Eros.  The tour is hosted by AToMR Tours.  You can visit the rest of the stops on the tour here.  There is also a tour-wide giveaway going on for print (US) and eBook (INT) copies of A Terrible Love, which you can enter below.  Thank you so much for stopping by!
Title: A Terrible Love
Author: Marata Eros
Release date: April 26, 11, 2013
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Age Group: New Adult
Genre: Women's fiction, contemporary romance
Tour organized by: AToMR Tours

Book Description:  Jessica Mackey is living a meticulously fabricated lie of necessity. She's left the secret tragedy of her past behind along with who she was and is forging ahead with a clean slate. Jess soon discovers that passion can't be left behind; her own and that of the one man that sees who she really is. Whose presence caresses her soul in a way that may breach the peaceful life Jess has made for herself.

Devin Castile sees a young woman that is the missing puzzle piece to his existence and who is also the victim to a heinous crime. Devin convinces himself that he can remain emotionally distant even while indulging his physical desire for her. When the lies that Jess has made crumble before their attraction and the truth is revealed, one of them might pay with their life... or their very being.

My Thoughts:  Jessica Mackey is pursuing a new life with a new identity after leaving everything behind, fearing for her life, crushed by tragedy.  It's been two years since everything happened, two years that she has been trying to live a life under the radar, inconspicuously, as invisibly as possible, leaving all her dreams behind.  Jessica is now attending the University of Washington.  When her best friend does something unexpected, Jessica finds that not only have people taken notice of her, she has more than one guy that is interested in her.  Mitch Maverick is hot, seems really nice, and most importantly is safe, or so it seems.  He is who Jess thinks would be the better choice for her.  Then there is Devin Castile, who totally rocks her world.  He is the epitome of a hot bad boy, has a love them and leave them reputation with the ladies, and when he takes notice of Jess, she just melts into a puddle of desire.  When Castile make a proposition she can't refuse, she soon finds herself in a mess similar to the one she was trying to run away from, but there is more to Devin Castile than meets the eye.  

I really enjoyed A Terrible Love.  The story was dark, dangerous, and extremely sexy, and I was completely engrossed it it.  I would really classify this as more of a romantic thriller, one which had me totally sucked in from beginning to end.  I liked Jess's character.  She has been through so much in her life, yet she has persevered and gone on.  I also loved her best friend Carlie, who added the much needed humor to an otherwise intense and dark story.  Devin Castile  is so very hot, the bad boy, dangerous, mysterious, demanding, dominant.  He is the kind of guy I always fall for in a book.  The chemistry between Jess and Devin is off the charts hot, and the sex is drop your drawers amazing.  It is obvious from the get go that these two are going to be more than they planned on, but their secrets threaten to destroy it all.  Mitch seems like a good guy, but there is more to him that anyone realizes.  The danger element just makes the story that much better, and leaves you on the edge of your seat dying to see what happens next.  The author does a wonderful job of keeping you guessing about who the real culprit is.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this book.  A Terrible Love is different from most many of the recent contemporary romances out there, and for me, the dangerous element that the story centered around made the story even more appealing.  If you are a contemporary romance fan and are looking for something a little different that is sexy, dangerous, and intriguing, then I would definitely recommend A Terrible Love.  

Favorite Quotes:

"Treat her right, Castile,"  Brad warns.  "I'll treat her how she wants to be treated," he says as he turns those blazing brown eyes at mine, "won't I?"  "Yes" I breathe, knowing it's true.  Castile is like an unmovable force.   A hurricane on a course, a destination known only to it.  The trajectory likely to change at any time.  Taking anything or anyone it its path.  As I look into those dark eyes, I know I am in the eye of the storm that is Devin Castile.  

"You have that thing Jess.  That..." she made her hand waffle one direction then the other, "indefinable spark."......."don't blow it because of a dude."......."Even if he is a walking sexsicle."

"We're terrible together,"  I say, meeting his eyes, the savage truth hanging between us like an unmovable weight.  "It's not about true love Jess."  I see the conviction in his eyes and it's equal parts horrible and a comfort.  I want this burning ache to abate.  The fire for him to subside.  I answer though one is not required, jerking my backpack up off the ground as I begin to walk away, "If it were love, then it's a terrible love."  I don't wait for his response.  

About the Author 
Marata Eros is a mixed-genre writer of dark fantasy with elements of romance and horror. She has completed her first contemporary romance, A TERRIBLE LOVE as her next new release. Marata is a passionate reader who loves interacting with her readers and is more grateful than she can express for their support. 

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  1. After the sugary sweet books i've been reading, a good dark and sexy NA sounds perfect for me.

    - Ellie at The Selkie Reads Stories

    1. I feel the same way. I really enjoyed this one.

  2. Romantic thriller? Sounds awesome! I’ve had this on my Amazon wish list forever but would like to get through at least some books on my Kindle first :)

    1. It as good. I needed something a little dark to read :)

  3. I just realized I had this one in my TBR yet for some reason I can't even remember when I bought it! How crazy is that? Must be a sign I am getting carried away again with the book buying LOL!

    This one sounds amazing! I loved your review. I guess I need to get to it soon. I think I am ready for a good adult read after all of the YAs I have been reading lately.

    1. I really liked it. It was different from what I've been reading.

  4. I loved Devin, so hot.
    Great review, Ellen!

  5. OoOoh this sounds like my type of read I love these dark stories and romantic thriller books used to be all that I would read before I started reading YA. I have seen this one getting a lot of great reviews lately I'm definitely getting super intrigued! Plus, who can resist the good guy/bad guy deal! ;)

    1. I really liked it. I was in need of something a little different and this fit the bill perfectly.

  6. Thanks for reading ATL and your great review, Ellen :D

  7. Dark, and sexy,, yes please! This sounds like a amazing. Wonderful review.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  8. This one sounds great! Its been ages since I read a romantic thriller!


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