Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cover Reveal from Spence City: 400 lb. Gorilla by DC Farmer

Announcement from Spence City:
"Spence City is gearing up for yet another cover reveal! This time, it's 400LB GORILLA, by DC Farmer. Those of you in the UK may be familiar with his alter ego, children's author Rhys A Jones. Well, there you have it! DC Farmer's writing hovers somewhere between Peter Dickinson and Douglas Adams - yes, it's that good. 400LB GORILLA releases in February 2014 from Spence City."

"Matt Danmor thinks he’s lucky. Not many people survive a near death accident with nothing more than a bout of amnesia, a touch of clumsiness and the conviction that the technician who did the MRI had grey skin and hooves.
Still, it takes time to recover from trauma like that, especially when the girl who was in the accident with you disappears into thin air. Especially when the shrinks keep telling you she’s just a figment of your imagination.
So when the girl turns up months later looking ravishing, and wanting to carry on where they left off, Matt’s troubled life starts looking up. But he hasn’t bargained for the baggage that comes with Silvy, like the fact she isn’t really an English language student, or even a girl.
Underneath her traffic stopping exterior is something else altogether, something involving raving fanatics bent on human sacrifice, dimensionally challenged baked bean tins, a vulture with a penchant for profanity, and a security agent for the Dept of Fimmigration (that’s Fae immigration for those of you not in the know) called Kylah with the most amazing gold-flecked eyes…
The 400 Lb Gorilla is caustic, (vampire-free) introduction to the Hipposync Archives: Contemporary fantasy at its sparkling best."


  1. I have heard of the author but haven't read anything by them yet. Sounds really interesting and it has a fun cover!

    1. I haven't read anything by this author either, so I am a bit curious.

  2. To be honest, I am not sure what I think of this cover, the more I look the more I see but it has a blurry look to it.

    1. I thought maybe it was just me, but it does look blurry.


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