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Review: Beauty from Surrender by Georgia Cates

Title: Beauty from Surrender (Beauty #2)
Author: Georgia Cates
Release date: May 30, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Source: Amazon
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Book #1 - Beauty from Pain is on sale for .99 cents - Amazon  |  Barnes and Noble

Book description
The story of Jack Henry and Laurelyn continues...
How do you move on when he’s every song you sing?
After Laurelyn Prescott walks away from the love of her life, she returns to Nashville to pursue the only dream she has left. Determined to find a distraction from the pain of losing Jack Henry, she immerses herself in her music. But with her old life comes old acquaintances and new expectations. When Laurelyn refuses her record producer’s outrageous demands, she finds herself without a career—until an unforeseen opportunity presents itself. From there it’s a rocket ride straight to the top where Laurelyn finds the success she’s always dreamed of. Will it be enough to bring her the happiness she so deserves, or will the absence of Jack Henry leave her wanting more?
Jack Henry McLachlan never expected to fall in love with Laurelyn Prescott—but he did. After he foolishly let her slip through his fingers, he spends three months searching for her, but their reunion doesn’t come easy. The woman he finds isn’t the same one who drifted away without a goodbye. No longer an insecure girl on an Australian adventure, this Laurelyn is a successful musician with a promising career. Her dreams are becoming a reality, and Jack is terrified his American girl won’t have a place for him in her new life. With only a month to convince her otherwise, will it be enough time to make her visualize a life beyond the glitz and glamour, a life that includes him?

(Slight spoilers for those who have not read book #1 - Beauty from Pain).

My Thoughts: Hot, sexy, funny, great characters.... Beauty from Pain and Beauty from Surrender have it all. I absolutely fell in love with Jack Henry and Laurelyn, and their story in Beauty from Pain and have been sitting on the edge of my seat, along with a bunch of other girls, waiting for Beauty from Surrender to come out. I am a huge Georgia Cates fan and have read all of her books. Beauty from Pain was hot let me tell you, very hot and very adult, and the fire continues to burn in Beauty from Surrender. After their 3 month arrangement ended Laurleyn returns to Nashville, heartbroken, slipping away while Jack Henry is out because she couldn't face him and the fact that she thought he didn't love her. She'd made a deal and she meant to keep it, even if it killed her. Jack Henry was devastated that she left before he had a chance to tell her how he felt, and he didn't even know Laurelyn's real last name. After hiring a detective who spends 3 months searching for her, he finally finds her in Nashville. Jack Henry has one month to convince her to be his, and it may be a little harder than he thought. Has she moved on? Is she still pining for him? Will her career be too important to leave behind? Laurelyn has some big decisions to make, choices that can affect her forever. Can she really trust Jack Henry? Is he really intending to commit to her? If she leaves her career behind, will she always wonder what might have been?  

Beauty from Surrender takes these two on a journey as they discover what means the most to them, discover how to compromise, discover how to surrender. As their pasts threatens to pull them apart, will love be enough to keep them together, or will secrets be more than they can overcome? Those are the things that they have to deal with. The romance and the sex is hot, so very hot and a little bit naughty. Georgia Cates knows how to deliver in that department. The story is told from both Jack Henry and Laurelyn's point of view, which I loved, especially getting into Jack Henry's head. I loved Jack Henry's mom to. There were some really humorous moments involving her. If you love hot contemporary romance with a great story line that is intense, and has just the right of humor, along with a whole lot of chemistry, then Beauty from Pain and Beauty from Surrender are books you most definitely want to check out. While Beauty From Pain is my favorite, I loved both of them and most definitely recommend them.

Some of my favorite quotes:

“I can not believe you, Jack Henry!" Mum picks up her purse to smack me several good times. Hard. She's the only mother I know who would use her handbag to beat her thirty-year-old son.” 

“Son, if you stopped to answer the phone, then you weren't doing whatever well enough and you need to get back to her and do it better. Don't answer the phone next time.” 

“Tears spill down her cheeks. “I’m so pissed off at you right now that I can’t see straight. I simultaneously love the fuck out of you while I hate your guts. I don’t know if I want to slap your face or get naked with you.”
“My vote would be for getting naked, but I don’t think they’ll allow that here in the airport.”

“A sweat-licking, ass-biting freak—that's what you are,” 

“Are you saying I'm easy?" she laughs. "No. I'm saying you're always my sure thing.” 

“A gentleman would have pretended he didn’t see those.”
“I think we’ve established that I’m only a gentleman in public – not in the bedroom. But I must tell you that it makes me feel pretty damn spectacular to know that you needed two of those battery-operated boys to replace what I did for you.” 

“I have to stop this. As much as I'd like to, I can't sit in my car outside the studio and mind-fuck Jack Henry all day.” 

“It's you, Jack Henry. It will always be you in every song I sing.”

“He's the only thing that's been right in my life. Ever.” 

“Laurelyn, I never expected to love you but I do…with every fiber of my being.”

About the Author
Georgia resides in rural Mississippi with her wonderful husband, Jeff, and their two beautiful daughters. She spent fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse before deciding to pursue her dream of becoming an author. Despite the struggle, she has no regrets in her decision to try this crazy life. She can honestly say that she’s living the dream.


  1. Ah man I have to start this series soon, great review!

  2. This review really makes me want to pick up Beauty from Pain. I've seen the series around a lot and have been really curious. The characters sound awesome! Great review :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  3. I have heard good things about this author. I'm glad you enjoyed this one!

    1. Thanks. I don't know if you would like this one Candace, but she has two mature YA books that you might enjoy.

  4. OMG..the quotes made me giggle. I have not tried this author, but these sound wonderful! Thanks Ellen and so glad you enjoyed them.

  5. Wow. Love the quotes so much.
    Definitely adding this to my TBR
    YOUR reader,

  6. Oh Ellen. I really liked Beauty from Pain and started reading this one right away. Unfortunately this one and I had a love/hate relationship. Laurelyn pissed me off so much! I think the first book and half of this book could have been one book. Overall, I liked it just not nearly as much as book one.

    1. Beauty from Pain was definitely my favorite of the two also, but I did like them both, though the first one is something I won't forget, especially when someone says "tastes like chicken" - :)

  7. I can't wait to read this one. I loved BFP. I think I'll read this one while I'm on vacation. Great review!

  8. Okay, I really need to get started on this series! I have both books, but no time. This really seems to be a series I need to make time for, though. Great review, Ellen. I love the quotes!


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