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Emily Snow's Book Couple Challenge - (Just how well do these guys actually know each other?)

Today, I am really excited to have Author Emily Snow here, along with Willow and Cooper from her book Tidal.  From Emily’s Devoured Series, we have Lucas and Sienna, and from her book Savor You, we have Kylie and Wyatt.  These book couples are here to participate in a "Book Couple Challenge," to see just how well they know each other.   

Couple #1 - Willow and Cooper from Emily Snow's Tidal

Couple #2:  Lucas and Sienna from Emily Snow's 
Devoured Series

Couple #3:  Kylie and Wyatt from Emily Snow's Savor You

Okay guys, we are going to doing something a little bit different today.  I know some of you are rather competitive, so I thought we’d play a game and see just how much you know about each other.  I also am aware that one of  – I mean some of you are used to getting your way, and Emily has graciously agreed to be here to help to help make sure things don’t get…coughs….out of hand...and Lucas, you can’t handcuff or tie anyone up, sorry.  We will split up in to three teams, and all you have to do is answer the question about your significant other, or should I say partner, or boyfriend/girlfriend, or friend?  Anyway, you get the idea. 

Emily: Thanks for letting us stop by Ellen! We’re all so excited to be here, and I SWEAR I will keep Lucas Wolfe in line! (Shoots a warning glare at Lucas)

Question #1:  If your partner was a cartoon character, who would he/she be?

Couple #1:

Cooper: Hayley Smith from American Dad. That show cracks me up.

Willow: Hayley Smith? What about . . . I don’t know . . . Sleeping Beauty?

Cooper: You’ve got dark hair, Wills. I guess we could go with  . . . Snow White.

Emily: Guys . . . (Points at watch)

Willow: Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m just trying to think of cartoon characters who surf, but since none come to mind let’s go with Prince Phillip. From Sleeping Beauty. Because that movie is awesome. (Twists mouth to the side) On second thought, just thought of a surfing character. Let’s go with the penguin in Surfs Up.

Cooper: A penguin? Really, Wills?

Willow: (Casts Cooper a slow, wide grin) What? You’d rather be the chicken?

Couple #2

Lucas: Not that I watch Disney movies but . . . Ariel. She’s got that red hair and that same defiant as hell attitude.

Sienna:  Lucas is Howl. From Howl’s Moving Castle. He’s so moody and secretive and perfect and . . .

Lucas: Got a thing for fictional men, Red?

Sienna: (Flushes) Of course not. (Stares between Emily and Ellen pleadingly) Is the next couple ready to answer?

Couple #3

Wyatt: Turanga Leela. Kylie’s an ass-kicker.

Kylie:  (Grins up at Wyatt) I’m touched, babe. Not even screwing with you. Wyatt is Flynn Rider. He does that smolder thing. It doesn’t work on me anymore, but it is cute.

Question #2:  Who initiated your first kiss?  Feel free to comment about it if you’d like. 

Couple #1

Cooper: I did. She was just standing there and it was the smart thing to do at the time.

Willow: (Points finger at Cooper) We’d known each other—and I’m not even joking—like 2 days. Caught me totally off guard.
Couple #2

Lucas: Is it bad that I don’t remember?

Sienna:  Is it bad that I don’t either? (Bites bottom lip)

Lucas: Let’s just agree that I kissed you.

Sienna: Why does that sound so possessive, Lucas?

Lucas: (Smirks) Because it is.

Couple #3

Wyatt: She did.

Kylie:  Hell yes, I did. And it may have led me on the rockiest damn 8 years of my ENTIRE LIFE, but I’m glad I did.

Question #3:  What song best describes your partner?

Couple #1:

Cooper: “She Will be Loved” by Maroon Five

Willow: I didn’t even know you knew Maroon Five existed.

Cooper: Pssh, just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend I don’t know who Adam Levine is.

Willow: You’re amazing. (Tries to hold back smile as Cooper nods) “I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz describes Cooper.

Couple #2

Lucas: “If You Could Only See”

Sienna:  “Adrenalize” by In This Moment.

Lucas: (Cocks an eyebrow) You’re picking a rock song, Si? No Britney?

Sienna: What can I say? You’re expanding my musical horizons.
Couple #3

Wyatt: Anything by Chevelle. (Snorts) I’m pretty f*cking sure all their music is Ky’s official soundtrack.

Kylie: Good answer, McCrae, but just so you know my favorite is “Send the Pain Below.”

Wyatt: (Nods head) Oh, I bet it is. Hell, I’ve got a bunch of memories of—

Kylie: Before McCrae gives you a play by play of our first time together, I guess I should just say that “Love Hurts” is the song that I think best describes him.

Question #4:  When you first met your partner, what would they say was the one thing that first caught their attention about you?

Couple #1:

Cooper: (Stretches arms over head and offers Ellen a half-smile) I’d have to say Wills was pulled in by my amazing charm.
Willow: Ugh, it was his accent. And the fact that he was incredibly rude and staring me down with those blue eyes. But . . . I think my movies caught his attention. He mentioned he’d watched a few of them.

Cooper: Wrong, it was your eyes. Couldn’t stop staring at them.

Couple #2

Lucas: I’m Lucas-F*cking-Wolfe. That’s enough to get anyone’s attention.

Sienna:  He’s so self-assured that it actually makes me cringe at times.

Lucas: Would you rather me say it was . . . (smirks) . . . what’s inside my—

Emily: Okay, thanks for answering, Lucas! Sienna?

Sienna: He noticed my hair. Everyone notices my hair.

Lucas: I’m pretty sure I was looking at your—

Emily: And on to Wyatt and Kylie!

Couple #3

Wyatt: Ky and I’ve known each other since we were kids. But when she noticed me—really noticed me? I guess you can say my guitar-playing. I’m going to cheat here and tell you I noticed her heart. Sounds corny, huh, but Ky cares so much for people. It’s amazing. She’s always been amazing.

Kylie:  Dude, I’m kind of speechless.

Wyatt: (Snorts) I also noticed that she talks. A lot.

Kylie: And now I’m wavering between wanting to kiss you and wanting to break your guitar.

Question #5:  Complete this sentence:  We argue when __________ puts his/her __________ in my __________.  (This should be good)

Couple #1

Cooper:  We argue when Willow puts her acting awards on my surfboard rack. 

Willow:  We argue when Cooper puts his surfboards EVERYWHERE.

Couple #2

Lucas:  We argue when Sienna puts her fashion books on top of my piano.   

Sienna:  We argue when Lucas puts his  __________ in my __________.  Wait? You don’t like my fashion books?

Couple #3

Wyatt:  We argue when Kylie puts her hair dye on my bathroom counter.   

Kylie:  We argue when Wyatt’s bathroom counter gets in the way of my hair dye. 

Question #8 If you could have a day alone with your partner, and could do whatever you wanted, what would it be?

Couple #1:

Cooper: Surfing. No paparazzi. Not much traffic on the beach. Just me and Wills and our boards.
Willow: God, that sounds good right about now. (Turns to Ellen) I’ve been making a new movie and haven’t had nearly enough time for us.

Couple #2

Lucas: I would tell you, but Emily might spank me.

Sienna:  (Twists mouth skeptically) It probably involves spanking.

Emily: (Raises an eyebrow at Lucas) I’ve gotta know . . . does it involve spanking?

Lucas: Ropes are involved. Spanking is optional.

Emily: Why am I not surprised?

Couple #3

Wyatt: Anything with music.

Kylie:  Music and hanging out with Brenna.

Wyatt: And that is why I f*cking love you, Ky.

Well that was fun……and very, very interesting.  Since this is a game, there should be a winner, right?  Well, all of you guys are winners…yeah, yeah, cliché I know, but just so you know, your prize will be your answer to question #9.  Have fun and enjoy yourselves.  Thanks for being here today, and Emily, thank your for refereeing.  It was great having you.  

Thanks so much for inviting us, Ellen! And hey, Lucas actually behaved! :)

I hope you all enjoyed the game as much as I did, and be sure to check out the post below or click here, for a extra special treat that Emily is featuring.  

Want to know more about these couples?  You can find Emily Snow's books here:

Bio:  Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the DEVOURED series (October 2012, January 2013) and TIDAL (December 2012). She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three. Visit her blog at for news, teasers, and contests.

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  1. I haven't read any of these books yet but that was a seriously fun character interview and totally makes me want to grab one of the books and start reading!

    1. Thanks. This was a really fun post to do. I hope you enjoy the books when you get a chance to read them.

  2. Fun! I loved Cooper and Willow and Wyatt and Kylie. I'm going to be reading Devoured today!

    1. I hope you enjoy it. If you have the prequel All Over You, it doesn't take long to read and it really adds a lot to the story to read it first.

  3. I love everything about this post! I can't pick a favorite couple!

    1. Thanks. It was such fun to do and fun to read Emily's answers.

  4. Omg what a fun interview!! (: I haven't read any of Emily Snow's books yet, but now I think I really need to!!!

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