Thursday, September 5, 2013

Introducing Reading With Me from Spencer Hill Press


Reading With Me is a fabulous virtual book club of awesome, concentrating on books released by Spencer Hill and Spencer Hill Contemporary. It's a way to squee with fellow fangirls and fandudes about the latest Spencer Hill releases, authors, and to ponder the ever-present mystery of Where Is Spencer Hill? (Which is like Where's Waldo? but with books and not a random dude in the same striped shirt over and over again.) At Reading With Me, we promote books that we're excited about and our goal is simple: Read them. Love Them. Come back for more.

Below are some of the titles that are releasing soon from SHP.  I am really excited to read them all, especially Sentinel by Jennifer Armentrout, which will be bittersweet, because I know it will be epic, yet it will be the ending of an awesome series.  

You can find us on:

                                                                    Reading With Me


  1. What a really fun idea!
    All of those books above look amazing and I really do want to read them all but out of all of them, Sentinels is definitely my most anticipated one. It will be sad to see the series end.


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