Sunday, September 8, 2013

Meet Another Hottie From The Keatyn Chronicles Hottie Olympics #KCCrush #TeamBintheKC

  • Get ready to get Sun Soaked! Hang on to your boy shorts, bikinis, or whatever the heck you prefer cause it's about to get a little wet in here.

    Team Brooklyn is busting boards nationwide to invite you on a
    From coast to coast
    And sea to sea
    Brooklyn Wright's
    The Hottie for me!

    Introducing Brooklyn Wright from
    The Keatyn Chronicles by
    Jillian Dodd

    Being a slave to the wave has never felt sooooo good!!! 

    #KCCrush #TeamBintheKC @Jilliandodd @Keatynchronicle


  1. Oh goodness all these hotties to choose from. I have a feeling this will be a close competition!


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