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Review: A Brutal Tenderness (A Terrible Love #2) by Marata Eros

A Brutal Tenderness (A Terrible Love #2)
by Marata Eros
Published:  August 26, 2013
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster

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There are two sides to every story. In this dark and sexy companion novel to the New York Times bestseller A Terrible Love, experience the sizzling passion and pulse-pounding suspense through FBI agent Cas Steele’s eyes as he hunts down a psychopath...and falls for the killer’s prey.

Cas has been charged with an unsavory task: manipulate the hauntingly beautiful Jewell MacLeod—a woman he has every reason to hate—and slowly gain her trust in order to use her as bait to lure in a killer. But as the killer draws closer, Cas realizes that he can’t deny the scorching chemistry that ignites between him and Jewell, even if giving into his physical desire for her means jeopardizing his mission...and opening himself up to the possibility of a real and terrible love...

My Thoughts:  I really loved A Terrible Love, and I have been looking forward to reading A Brutal Tenderness, which is A Terrible Love from Cas' point of view.  First, let me say that you do need to read A Terrible Love before reading A Brutal Tenderness, otherwise you will not truly understand, enjoy, or get the full impact of the story.  Even though this is the same story, Cas' version is completely unique and different from A Terrible Love, so it is definitely not like reading the same story again, which is something I really enjoyed.  Again, if you don't read A Terrible Love first though, you will not appreciate or get it to the degree that it is designed and written to be.  Not only is A Brutal Tenderness told from Cas's point of view, but you also get to see a whole different side of the story, including the back stories of many of the characters in the book.  This adds a whole new depth and dimension to the story , which is something that was not a part of book one.  Therefore, when you read that this is a companion novel to A Terrible Lovethat is exactly what it is, and I thought it was wonderful.  Not only do we see what was going on in Cas' mind, we get to see things from the FBI perspective regarding the case, as well as getting to know the other agents involved, their roles, and how everything played out from their side.  In addition, there are several chapters that focus on Thad, which are told in the third person, allowing you to get inside his head.   Another thing I enjoyed was the ending, which goes into much more detail than what we see in A Terrible Love, including several chapters with details of what goes on between the ending of A Terrible Love and the epilogue one year later, so there is quite a bit of new material included.  

All that being said, I love Cas - he is a loose cannon, all alpha, hot, badass as badass can be, and he loves and protects Jewell fiercely.  He isn't perfect and he doesn't always know how to express himself verbally in the best way, which is something that makes him more human and more real.  I loved getting to know him up close and personal, and getting inside his head and seeing and experiencing things from his point of view.  Marata Eros has done a brilliant job with this series, not just writing a sequel, but bringing two halves together which make a whole.  I thoroughly enjoyed this dark romantic suspense and most definitely recommend A Terrible Love and A Brutal Tenderness.

Her face is so full of expression.  I wonder if she realizes everyone can see down to  her toenails.  

Her large eyes plead with me not to mention our interlude, and I don't, even though I feel like peeing in corners to mark my territory.

It's all I have, all I am.  A brutal tenderness is all I am capable of giving.  

Playing hard to get is for guys who have never been in love.  The lucky f**kers.  

"Babe," I saw, and she gives me the Look.  Y'know, the one that women reserve to let you know when you're going to step in it.  However, I've never been great on nonverbal female cues, not being a mind reader and all that bullsh*t.  

A Terrible Love
by Marata Eros
Published:  April 26, 2013
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster

Jess Mackey is living a meticulously fabricated lie of necessity. She's left the secret tragedy of her past behind along with who she was and is forging ahead with a clean slate. But Jess soon discovers that passion can't be left behind—neither her own, nor that of the one man who sees who she really is…and whose unexpected presence may breach the peaceful life Jess has painstakingly created for herself.

Devin Castile didn’t expect to meet a young woman who may be the missing puzzle piece to his existence…and who is also the victim of a heinous crime. Devin convinces himself that he can remain emotionally distant even while indulging his physical desire for her. But when Jess’s lies begin to crumble in the face of their undeniable attraction and the truth is revealed, one of them might pay with their life.

You can see my review of A Terrible Love here.  

About the Author

Marata Eros is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of dark, romantic new adult novels, including A Terrible Love and its companion novel A Brutal Tenderness. A passionate writer who loves interacting with her readers, Marata lives in South Dakota with her husband.

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  1. It sounds like this was a good companion novel to the first book. I think I have the first book but I need to check to make sure. I think I will have to pick this one up as well.

  2. I think I would probably enjoy this one more than A Terrible Love. Cas was a great character. I'm glad you liked ABT, Ellen!

  3. I really liked Cas. I liked A Terrible Love ok, but Cas made the book for me. I have to say, the guy on the cover looks anorexic and not at all how I would picture Cas. Glad you liked this one!

    1. I really liked Cast but you are right about the cover. My Cas is big, hot, and buff :)

  4. I just read another review for this one, well for both actually, and they sound really great!

  5. I just adores Cas! I am happy that you enjoyed this one too.. :)


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