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Blog Tour: Let it be Me by Toni Aleo - Review, Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Let it be Me by Toni Aleo.  The tour is hosted by IMR Blog Tours.  You can check out the rest of the stops on the tour here.  There is also a giveaway going on with the tour, which you can enter below.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Title: Let it be Me
Author:  Toni Aleo
Published: 10/2/2013
Published by: Toni Aleo

Book Blurb:
Do you see that woman there?
The one with long, wavy blond hair and blue eyes that used to sparkle?
That’s me, Violet Moore.
Do you see those men over there?
One is my husband, Rob.
A man who claimed he loved me, but proved his fist loved me more.
The other is Tucker McCloud, my savior and confidant.
I'm torn between what's right and my own fear.
But not anymore.
I’m taking my life back now.
I will fight back.
I will be happy.

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My Thoughts:  Let it be Me is not your normal contemporary romance story.  It's also very different from Toni Aleo's other books.  Let it be Me is a more of a message conveying one woman's story of survival, of overcoming fear and abuse, of making the journey from the pit of hopeless and despair to the place of finding safety, happiness, and love as it is meant to be, and it' a message that needs to be heard.  Violet Moore met her husband Rob while in RN school.  Rob was also a RN.  She quickly fell in love with him, and he became the center of her world.  She married him when she was only 20.  She quickly also found that Rob was anything but the man she thought she married.  The abuse started suddenly.  Of course, he was sorry....he was always sorry....and she believed him, at least for a while.  When it started to get to the point that her mom was questioning some of the injuries she was experiencing, Rob quickly moved her from Colorado to his home town in Tennessee, where things only got worse.  You may be wondering why she didn't tell someone.  When you read Violet's story, you will understand from the viewpoint and the mindset of a victim of abuse.  Things may seem black and white to us, but they are far from that in the victim's mind.  

Thankfully, Violet went to work at doctor's office where she met Tucker McLeod, and she began to slowly see a flicker of light and hope  in the tunnel of darkness that was her life.  She began to experience those feeling of love once again that she never thought she would.  The journey she goes through to get there is hard, it's scary, it's dangerous, and it will break your heart, but it is well worth reading.  My heart broke for Violet.  I can't imagine going through some of the things she did.  I hated Rob, just hated him.  He was truly a monster.  Then there is Tucker McLeod, the knight in shining armor who supports and loves Violet, doing anything and everything he can do, that Violet will let him do, to help her get free from her current situation. Their's isn't a relationship where Tucker comes in a just sweeps her off her feet.  They both have to go through a lot of hurt and pain to get there, but love finds a always finds a way.  Let it be Me is a wonderful story that not only chronicles the life of a beautiful young woman as she overcomes abuse, but it is a message that will bring a new level awareness to those who read it that have never experienced abuse, and it will bring hope to those that have and/or are in the middle of a similar situation.  

Get a blanket and maybe a glass of wine, you’re going to need it, because my story isn’t a happy one, well no, I take that back. It can be happy, I can be happy; I just have to get there. I have to fight for it. So sit back and let me explain how the fight was woken inside me.

It starts and ends with Tucker McCloud.

"When Rob came into my life, I felt like he was it. He was my ocean and I was drowning in him."
"I was so in love with him that I could hardly breathe."
"He promised me the world."
"I should have run the first time I heard "I'm sorry" while covering my black-and-blue eyes with dark sunglasses."

"I chose a life that has done nothing but make me think I was ruined but that was until Tucker came along. He believes in me when I don't."

“Let it be me, Violet.  Let me be the one to love you forever.  To kiss your sweet mouth every day and to make love to your beautiful body.  I would treat you like a woman deserves and I would never make you cry, except tears of happiness.  Don’t waste your life on him. Spend it with me.  Just please, let it be me. Pick me.  Love me.”.......Tucker McLeod

I understand that, but sweetheart, there is this huge universe, nine planets and two hundred and four countries and out of all of that, I met you.  I fell for you and have had the pleasure of feeling your lips against mine. You are the piece of me that was missing.  My heart and soul.  Nothing will ever change that.  My love will never fade because you have me.  All of me." .......Tucker McLeod

Author Bio:
Toni Aleo is the author of the Nasvhille Assassins series: Taking ShotsTrying to ScoreEmpty Net,Falling for the Backup, and Blue Lines.
When not rooting for her beloved Nashville Predators, she’s going to her husband’s and son’s hockey games and her daughter’s dance competitions, or reading the latest romance novel

Author Links:
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  1. I love the cover. And your review makes it sound like something that I would enjoy!

  2. This sounds like an emotional read with a great message!

  3. This does seem like an intense story w/a great message. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ellen. Nice review!

  4. sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

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  6. Being a victim of domestic violence during my first marriage, books like this are so emotional for me. The message sounds like ones that other woman going through this need to read. Glad you enjoyed it.

  7. This sounds like one that would hit really close to home for me. But I think these kinds of stories are really important. If I had read something like this while going through that I might have realized that I could find a way out and not to just forgive him every time.

  8. Great review! Sounds like an intense read!

  9. Violet sounds wonderfully fleshed out and I am anxious to meet Tucker. I love when a book is more than your typical romance. Lovely review Ellen :)

  10. Sounds like a really emotional story. Looking forward to reading it!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  11. This sounds like a really good read! :) And the cover is nice. I like that it was the first thing that caught my eye. Thanks for the giveaway! :D

  12. The book is a definite must read on my list!! I love stories of survival, and detest the word victim, maybe because I am a survivor of many things in my own life and I do not ever want to be looked at as a victim. Love the wording in the review!!

  13. The book is a definite must read on my list!! I love stories of survival, and detest the word victim, maybe because I am a survivor of many things in my own life and I do not ever want to be looked at as a victim. Love the wording in the review!!

  14. The book is a definite must read on my list!! I love stories of survival, and detest the word victim, maybe because I am a survivor of many things in my own life and I do not ever want to be looked at as a victim. Love the wording in the review!!

  15. Awesome interview! This book sounds amazing.

  16. This on sounds intense, but it a really good way. I'd love to read this one!

  17. The review is good and the book sounds intriguing. I'd love to read this. Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :D


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