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Blog Tour: All the Pretty Lies by M. Leighton: Review, Giveaway

Welcom to the review tour for M. Leighton's latest release, All the Pretty Lies, hosted by Inkslinger PR.  In addition to my review, my stop today also features the tour giveaway, which includes a set of signed copies of M. Leighton's The Bad Boy Series, The Wild Ones Series, The Madly Collection, The Blood Like Poison Collection, and Fragile for 1 winner. This is a US/Canada only giveaway.  You can enter the giveaway below, as well as check out the rest of the stops on the tour.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

by M. Leighton
Expected Release Date:  11/12/13
All the Pretty Lies
“Live, no regrets”
Sloane Locke has led a sheltered life.  However, with a history like hers, she can understand why
her brothers and her father want so much to protect her.  She has gone along with it for twenty
long years, but those days are over.  For the girl who never makes promises, Sloane has made a
pact with herself that things will change on her twenty-first birthday.  So when the clock 
strikes midnight, Sloane strikes out to spread her wings and break a few rules. 
In addition to inking skin, Hemi Spencer possesses many talents. Controlling himself has never
been one of them.  It’s never had to be.  He’s lived a life of indulgence for as long as he can remember.  Right up until tragedy struck.  Now, he’s nothing but controlled. He’s a man on a mission, one who will let nothing and no one stand in his way. 
Nothing in their lives could’ve prepared Sloane and Hemi for what they’d find in each other— distraction and obsession, love and possession.  But the one thing they can’t find is a future.  Neither one has been totally honest.  And they’ll soon learn that the devil is in the details.  In the details and in the lies. How far will two people go to live in the now when the now 
is all they’ve got?

My Thoughts:  M. Leighton fans prepare yourself for another beautiful, sexy, suspensful and gripping read, because that is exactly what she delivers yet again in All the Pretty Lies, something that has quickly become her trademark.  I haven't read a book she's written yet that I didn't love.  Sloane Locke has just turned 21 years old.  She has grown up in a house with three older brother and a dad who are all cops and she loves them dearly, but they are the epitome of overprotective on a massive dose of steroids.  They love her and treasure her, but at the same time have smothered her, kind of putting her in a tower like Rapunzel, and despite their good intentions, Sloane is ready to do more than just let down her long hair.....she is ready to spread her wings and fly, enjoying life to it's fullest as long as life lets her, with no regrets.  One of the first things she does is go to get a tattoo, which to her has much deeper meaning than anyone knows.  What she doesn't expect when she steps through the doors of The Ink Stain is to meet Hemi, the hottest guy she's ever seen.  He's mysterious, a bad boy, oozes with sexiness, and has eyes that cause her to melt her into a puddle and seem to see down into the depths of her soul.  What she doesn't know then, but soon comes to realize, is that the day she set foot in that tattoo parlor, the day she met Hemi, her life changed forever, and as she spreads her wings to fly, this enigma of a man has the power to transport her to the moon and back, and possibly shatter her heart along the way.  He doesn't make promises, but that is what Sloane wants....really something that she has lived by, always believed, and is quick to state....."don't make promises you can't keep." 

“I don’t want promises. Most of the time, promises are just pretty lies. They’re words designed to make others feel better. But in the end, they’re still just lies. Disappointing lies. So don’t worry about making me promises. I’d rather have your truth”

The last thing Hemi needs is a distraction.  He has a purpose and a plan and it doesn't include a young beautiful girl who tempts him in ways he has never experienced with a combination of innocence and sexiness that pours off of her like hot molten lava, destroying his will and his ability to resist her. Nevertheless, he knows he's on a mission and has a goal he needs to accomplish, and most importantly, he reminds himself, is that he doesn't do relationships.  Ever.  

 "......I’ve always preferred experienced women. The wilder the better. I’ve never taken a girl’s virginity, nor do I want to. I want a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it, and one who knows where the door is before I get out of the bathroom."

Hemi ends up training Sloane to be a tattoo artist, something she takes to easily, being an artist already.  She justifies it by being able to use the experience as a project for one of her classes.  He justifies it because Sloane provides a link to something he needs to find out.  Hemi has deep, dark secrets.  They both have secrets, and they both know the other has secrets, but they never push the issue, somehow silently understanding, accepting, and respecting that about each other - somehow knowing that those secrets have the power to destroy.  Hemi tries to warn Sloane to keep her distance.  He warns her that he isn't good for her, but Sloane wants him more than anything she has ever wanted, and try as he may, Hemi can't continue to tell her no.  He doesn't make her any promises, but he tells her what he can and can't give her, making it clear what he is capable of.

“I may not be able to give you breakfasts and promises but I can give you pleasure like you’ve never even dreamed of. That will have to be enough”

To say they have chemistry is an understatement.  When they are around each other it is intense, more like the surface of the sun kind of hot.  Serious threats and danger strike close to home, threatening Sloane's family and threatening her, while at the same time setting up the stage to spend more time with Hemi.  She knows that she is falling for him....has fallen in love with him, but as the secrets that have been hidden slowly come out, they threaten to destroy the hope of anything these two could have together. Truth hits Hemi like he's been run over by a Mack truck going 100 miles per hour, the truth that he has tried to deny to himself, the truth of how he really feels about Sloane.  Hemi has to decide if he is willing to go against everything that has been ingrained into him, everything he's striven to accomplish, and let Sloane in, laying the truth out for her about how he feels, and about the part of himself that he has kept hidden, knowing that he will probably lose Sloane forever.  What he doesn't realize is that there is something much bigger than his secrets that threatens to take Sloane from him, and when faced with that, will he be willing to let go of the past and do whatever it takes to have her?

Is the story good?  Oh yeah, it's very good.  Did I like it?  You'd better believe it.  Should you read it?  Abso-"frickin"-lutely (I know that is not a word, but if you read the story you'll catch the pun).  Beautiful story, beautifully written, and thoroughly enjoyed.  What more could you ask for?

More favorite quotes:
"Sarah...:  I roll my eyes.  "You really should've been a guy."
"Why?" Because I'm honest?
"Well, that's why I'm not a guy.  Guys aren't honest.  They hide things from you and tell you what you want to hear.  I don't do that.  Therefore God made me female.  By far the superior gender."
"You really should put that on a mug."
"I'm working on it.  I'm working on it."

.....I can't even finish the sentence.  "You said you'd give me the truth, but all I got were your pretty lies, you bastard."

.....I cherished them.
I cherished him.
I cherished lies.

"I've never wanted to believe one more than I do right this minute. So tell me. Tell me all the pretty lies. Tell me everything will be okay."

About M. Leighton:
M. Leighton is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Wild Ones and The Bad Boys romance trilogies.  She is a native of Ohio, relocated to the warmer climates of the South, where she lets her mind wander to romantic settings with sexy Southern guys much like the one she married and the ones you'll find in her latest books.  When her thoughts aren't roaming in that direction, she'll be riding horses, swimming in ponds and experiencing life on a ranch, all without leaving the cozy comfort of her office.  

For more about M. Leighton, visit her website or follow her on Twitter@mleightonbooks.


The giveaway includes a set of signed copies of M. Leighton's The Bad Boy Series, The Wild Ones Series, The Madly Collection, The Blood Like Poison Collection, and Fragile for 1 winner. This is a US/Canada only giveaway.

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  1. So happy to hear this is another great one from Michelle (not that I doubted it would be!).

    Great review Ellen!

  2. I haven't read any of her books yet but I have some. The Wild Ones (I think that's the title) is on my kindle and I really want to read it! This sounds fantastic too!

    1. That is a really good one. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. I read this a little while back, and loved it so much. Hemi's and Sloane were amazing. Great review!

  4. Ellen! OMG I love you and this review! It's amazing! Thank you so, so much!!!

    1. I love you back and I loved All the Pretty Lies so much :).

  5. I'm so so happy you loved this one too!! It's a must-read.


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