Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reviews: Christmas Catch by Chelsea Cameron and Off the Market by Magan Vernon (The 12 NA's of Christmas)

12 NAs of Christmas 

CHRISTMAS CATCH by Chelsea M. Cameron
Summary: Two years ago, when Ivy Emerson bailed from the tiny fishing village she’d grown up in to go to Columbia, Sawyer McCallister was the only thing she was sad to leave behind, and she still didn’t look back. But when her mother guilts her into coming home for Christmas, she crashes headfirst into Sawyer, who’s also returned after being away.

Now that they’ve both been dragged back to Saltwater, Maine, they might just realize it’s where they belong. Together.

My Thoughts:  Christmas Catch is a short, fun novella.  Ivy Emerson had one goal when she got out of high school and that was to get out of the small fishing town she'd grown up in, Saltwater Maine.  She left the small town behind to attend Columbia University.  She also left the boy she loved and a piece of her heart behind, believing that was for the best, leaving the town and all its memories in the past.  Now two years later and she's home for Christmas, and who's the first person she runs into but that same boy, Sawyer McAllister.  When Ivy left for Columbia, Sawyer left for Georgetown.  Unfortunately, family circumstances have landed Sawyer back in Saltwater, and as fate and Ivy's mom would have it, circumstances keep throwing Ivy and Sawyer in each other's paths while she's there.  Ivy realizes that leaving town doesn't cause love to die after all, and that sometimes the things you think you're looking for aren't what you expected.

Christmas Catch is a sweet, sexy novella about two small town high school sweethearts who realize that time and distance can't snuff out love's flame, no matter how hard you try.  Sometimes dreams and your perception of them change, and with a little Christmas joy, you find that the greatest gifts have been there all along. 

OFF THE MARKET by Magan Vernon
Barnes and Noble
Summary: Etta Davis didn't have showing a house penciled into her Christmas plans, but with the other realtors already off enjoying their holiday, she'd been stuck with the task. It wasn't all bad though, the house up for grabs used to belong to the family of her high school sweetheart, Andrew Lawson. Though now dilapidated, thanks to its current owners, it still held the power to bring back forgotten memories and turn the routine showing into something else entirely.

Particularly when Andrew shows up, wanting to buy the house. Now Etta must decide whether a second chance is worth taking the house, and her heart, off the market.

My Thoughts:  Etta Davis and Andrew Lawson were inseparable when they were growing up, high school sweethearts and completely in love. Etta ended things to head off to follow her dreams, leaving Andrew behind.  Now several years later her dreams have crashed and she's back home, living with her parents, working in real estate.  An old house with lots of memories brings Etta and Andrew together again and the flames of passion they once shared are hotter than ever. Off the Market is a really short Christmas story about regrets, second chances, and rekindled love mixed with a little Christmas magic, some naughty that's really nice, all wrapped up in a happily ever after.  



  1. You make me glad I bought all of these!

  2. I've recently discovered that holiday novellas can be fun! These sound great!


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