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Blog Tour: Out of Time (Out of Line #2) by Jen McLaughlin - Review and Giveaway

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Out of Time (Out of Line #2) by Jen McLaughlin.  The tour is hosted by Inkslinger PR.  There is also a great tour-wide giveaway going on, so be sure to check that out below.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Out of Time (Out of Line #2)
by Jen McLaughlin/Diane Alberts
Published:  December 1, 2013

Desperate to keep him... 
I've finally gotten everything I ever wanted: love, freedom, happiness, and, most importantly, Finn. Our love is everything I expected it to be and more. We've finally found each other, but the world seems determined to tear us apart. We thought my father was the only obstacle between us, but now it's the military. With Finn’s departure looming, we’re squeezing in every moment together before we run out of time.    

Trying to make every moment count…    

Being Carrie’s bodyguard was one thing. Being her boyfriend is another. Every day she’s mine is a day the sun shines in my life. Yet our time together is running out. Her father will never think a tattooed Marine will be good enough so I’ll do with whatever it takes to be worthy of her love. But the road will take me away from the girl who makes me feel alive--the girl I can't live without.  

Time only gets us so far.

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You can see my review of Out of Line and an interview with Jen McLaughlin here, and my book boyfriend post about Finn (with pictures and teasers) here.  

Author Information 
Jen McLaughlin is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She writes steamy New Adult books for the young and young at heart. Her first release, Out of Line, came out September 2013. She also writes bestselling Contemporary Romance under the pen name Diane Alberts.Since receiving her first contract offer under the pen name Diane Alberts, she has yet to stop writing. She is represented by Louise Fury at The Bent Agency.

Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a schnauzer mutt, a cat, and a Senegal parrot. In the rare moments when she’s not writing, she can usually be found hunched over one knitting project or another. Her goal is to write so many well-crafted romance books that even a non-romance reader will know her name.

My Thoughts:   Finally, more Finn.  If you read Out of Line, then you most certainly know who Finn is, and if you didn't.....well, let's just say Finn is someone you most definitely want to meet. Out of Time picks up right after the climatic ending of Out of Line.  Carrie Wallington has moved to California for college, finally thrilled to be out of the spotlight that comes along with being the daughter of a very prominent and well known Senator, along with the publicity and overbearing security that comes along with that.  Griffin (Finn) Coram is a Marine who also unbeknownst to Carrie at the time, works for her Dad.  Finn is Carrie's undercover bodyguard, and the undercover portion is "supposed" to be mainly for Carrie's benefit so she will feel free, while her overprotective and overbearing Dad can keep tabs on her and know she is safe.  Finn was supposed to stay away from her, something Carrie's dad made perfectly clear, even put it in the contract, and with Finn's Dad close to retirement and also working for the Senator, he couldn't afford to make a mistake that would cause his dad to lose his job.  Well, love doesn't care about contracts, retirement, and it doesn't go by a list of who's who and who's not.  Love is an entity all its own, something that Carrie and Finn discovered, despite Finn's attempts to curtail it.  After much, and I mean much drama and controversy, both internal and external, Finn and Carrie finally get together and make a plan for the foreseeable future.  The "sun is finally shining," bringing that light at the end of the tunnel for them, then Finn gets "the phone call..." That dreaded phone call from his Military Commander is where book one leaves off, and everyone that read book one has been hanging on by their fingernails waiting to see what happens next.  Thus begins book two, Out of Time.  

I have to say that I had pretty much figured out what the phone call was going to be about, and though I was somewhat right, there was quite a bit more detail that the author writes into the story that I  hadn't figured out, which makes the book even more interesting.  Knowing that deception could no longer be a part of their relationship after all the havoc it had already caused them, Finn knows he must tell Carrie about the phone call, which he does, and they only  have a week until they find out what it's about, a week that they both want to make the most of before they run "out of time."  They know they love each other, and the physical part of their relationship, let's just say Jen McLaughlin delivers the heat where that is concerned.  Finn and Carrie are crazy about each other, but they still have so much to work through because they come from such different worlds. This causes Finn a huge amount of worry and stress, which he doesn't handle in the best of ways.  Desperate to find a way to make himself "good enough" and someone that Senator Wallington would accept as Carrie's boyfriend when they get ready to tell him, consumes Finn, despite Carrie's reassurances of her love.  As if that isn't bad enough, Carrie's parents pop in for a surprise visit and it's as if Finn and Carrie are struggling to stay upright while waiting for the proverbial "s*** to hit to the hurricane force winds of the fan."  Meanwhile, Finn is presented with an opportunity to finally put himself in that position he wants to be to better his life and be worthy of the Senator's approval, something he can't turn down, despite the danger and secrecy of the assignment.  The catch is that he has to leave in just a couple of days.  

It's very hard for Finn and Carrie with Finn's departure looming over them, the need to maintain the secrecy of their relationship, and the fact that they are going to be separated when they've just really found each other. Finn does something that is so romantic, sweet, and memorable for Carrie, and she promises per his wishes, that she'll wait until Finn gets back to tell her family about their relationship.  What Finn doesn't want Carrie to know is that it is not just when he comes back, but.......if he comes back.  

Out of Time is a really great sequel that I thoroughly enjoyed.  Much of the story is spent on Carrie and Finn working through the challenges that normally come with falling in love and commitment, in addition to the obstacles they face because of the nature of their relationship, who they both area, and who Carrie's father is. If that isn't enough, Jen McLaughlin throws in the danger element and the story once again ends on a highly climatic note that is both bad and good, leaving you feeling like your running a marathon then someone hits the pause button and you freeze, biting your nails while your heart pounds against your chest as you wait for the play button to be pressed again.  So yes, the ending is great, but also makes you desperate for the final book in Carrie and Finn's story.  Out of Time is a wonderfully romantic and sexy new adult contemporary romance with awesome characters and a great story line that leaves you satisfied and wanting more, and is something fans of this genre will definitely want to add to their to be read next list.    
4.5 Hearts


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this sequel. I should definitely make time to give this series a try. Great review, Ellen!

  2. Even though it sounds like you had some of it figured out, there was much more to the story and it was still a great read. I love when books have great sequels!

  3. There's nothing better than a sequel that's even more amazing than the first book. This Finn dude sounds swoony. Happy holidays, Ellen!

  4. I am so going to have to get this series. It sounds right up my alley. Wonderful review.

  5. thanks for the giveaway


  6. It sounds like I really need to grab that first book! Wonderful review!

  7. This sounds like a great series, I'm glad you enjoyed the sequel; Carrie and Finn sound like wonderful characters.

    A lovely review Ellen :)

  8. Gosh, I've heard so many good things about Out of Line and I have it! I need to make time to read it. Glad you liked the second book too.

  9. Wow, sounds wonderful. Just picked up the first book and will try to read it sometime this week. Looking forward to reading them both!


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