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Positively Mine by Christine Duval: Book Blitz, Excerpt, Giveaway, Review

Positively Mine by Christine Duval
(Freshman Forty #1)
Published by: Bloomsbury Spark
Publication date: December 19th, 2013
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult

It is four weeks into her freshman year of college, and Laurel’s first test was unexpected. Discovering she’s pregnant isn’t exactly what she had planned for her first semester, and while she intends to tell her emotionally-distant father, being away at school makes it all too easy to hide.

An imperfect heroine plagued by bad choices and isolated during what should be the best time of her life, readers are sure to identify with Laurel as she confronts teen pregnancy, in secret.

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Once inside, we start where we left off, shirts and jeans shed fast. Then we’re on my bed, and he’s kissing me everywhere, reaching his hand down to just the right spot. Jeez.
I shift and lean forward, trying to grab for his boxers. Mike moves too, so now his face meets mine, and breathless, he asks, “Do you want to?”
My heart is pounding. But when I look into his eyes, warm with anticipation, reality hits like a cold hard smack in the face. I’m pregnant with another person’s baby! I am horrible. Horrible. I push him away. I can’t hold the tears in.
Mike’s face switches from eager to alarmed. “What’s wrong? Are you okay?”
He keeps talking while the tears stream down my face, my lips squeezed together, trying to figure out how I’m going to explain. “What is it? Are we moving too fast? Talk to me.”
I can’t look at him, so I just stare out the window and blurt it out, “I’m pregnant.”
Mike sits up. “You’re what?”
I swallow hard. “I’m pregnant.”
“Nine weeks.”
“With whose baby?”
“He doesn’t go here.”
“Wow!” Now it’s Mike’s turn to stare out the window. “So you’ve gotten together with me twice all the while knowing you were pregnant with someone else’s kid? That’s bad, Laurel!”
I want to disappear. “I know.” I get up from the bed and pull on my clothes, waiting for him to say something. He just lies there. Too long.
When he finally speaks, the coolness in his tone is alarming. “What were you thinking?”
“I wasn’t. I don’t know. I like being with you.”
“Sounds like you liked being with the baby’s father, too,” he snaps.
I deserve that. “I’m sorry, Mike. I’ve been…”
“What?” he barks, anger clearly on his face now.
I’m feeling the tears coming again and try my hardest to swallow them. “I’ve been confused.”
He is up now and getting dressed. “Confused? What does that even mean?”

Christine Duval is an author and freelance writer who lives in New Jersey with her guitar-playing husband and two
children. She is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, New Jersey's Women Who Write, and the Authors Guild. When not creating fictional characters, she writes for an upscale real estate company and has overseen online content and social media for several well-known magazines.
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My Thoughts:  Positively Mine (Freshman Forty) is an outstanding novel that deals with a prevalent and sometimes ignored issue, which effects individuals from all walks of life.... no holds barred.....teenage pregnancy.  Being a former public health nurse, this novel was especially touching to me because I worked with pregnant girls and their babies for almost 10 years.  Teenage pregnancy is an issue that crosses over lines between race and socioeconomic status, and I applaud Christine Duval for writing a fictional novel that allows the reader to understand it from the mother's prospective.  As you can read in the synopsis, Laurel Harris has just started her freshman year of college when she finds out she is pregnant.  Yes, she made a bad choice, who hasn't.  What is important is what you choose to do after the fact, and that is what Freshman Forty is all about.  It chronicles Laurel's choices, good and bad, as she journeys through her pregnancy.  

Laurel and her father have had serious communication issues since she lost her mom, and then her grandparents.  She wants to tell her dad, but is afraid to tell her dad.  She's afraid to tell the baby's father.  She is afraid to tell her friends.  Laurel doesn't always do the right thing, but it was great watching her grow as a person, taking responsibility for herself, while learning to forgive, to let go, and to accept love and healing once again.  She tough, headstrong, manages to juggle pregnancy and school, and is very independent.  One of her greatest challenges is learning how to let someone else in and let them help, admitting to herself that she can't do it all alone.  I didn't like her dad in the beginning, but by the end of the book you get to see a new side of him, and I was very impressed.  The story itself was well written.  I would have loved to see it a little longer or with an epilogue because I am dying to know what happened after the ending, and down the road.  Freshman Forty is wonderful contemporary novel that not only is a good story that centers around an important subject, but it also addresses life issues regarding relationships, loss, and the importance of communication and honesty.  It is definitely a worthwhile read.    

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  1. this sounds fantastic!!! thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. This sounds like it will be an emotional read!

  3. Congratulations Christine and Merry Christmas

  4. Laurel is in a bad situation but the excerpt really made feel for Mike. Confused, no matter how true is just a thin excuse. This novel definitely covers some deep issues.

  5. This book sounds like it was written extremely well & I did enjoy the excerpt; Laurel sounds like a wonderful, strong character.

    A lovely review Ellen :)

  6. I like the except!!! Thanks for sharing!!


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