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Release Day Launch: Before by Nicola Marsh with Review and Giveaway

Welcome to the release day launch for Before by Nicola Marsh, from her Burlesque Bombshells Series.  Before is the prequel to Brash and for a limited time is 0.99 cents on Amazon.  You can check out my review below.  There is also a great giveaway going on which includes a $25 Amazon gift card and more, so be sure to check that out below.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Before Synopsis:
Good girls finish last? Screw that.
Being a small town girl isn’t so bad. Unless Mom’s the town joke and I’ve spent my entire life shying away from her flamboyance. College in Las Vegas should be so much cooler. But it’s not. Bad things happen. Real bad.
So when my brother Reid offers me an all-expenses paid vacation to Australia for a month, I am so there. Discounting the deadly snakes on the outback cattle station, I should be safe. Until I meet Jack.
Jack defines bad boy and then some. He’s big, buffed, bronzed, and hotter than any guy I’ve ever met. His sexy Aussie accent makes me melt. And the guy can cook.
But he’s my brother’s new bestie and he lives on the other side of the world. There’s no future for us.
Is there?
Nicola Marsh  Bio:
USA TODAY bestselling author Nicola Marsh writes flirty fiction with flair for adults and riveting, spooky stories for teens.
She has published 43 contemporary romances with Harlequin, Entangled Publishing and indie, and sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Her first mainstream romance BUSTED IN BOLLYWOOD was nominated for Romantic Book of the Year 2012. Her first indie mainstream romance, CRAZY LOVE, was a 2012 ARRA finalist and Barnes & Noble bestseller.
Her debut young adult novel, a supernatural thriller BANISH, released with Harlequin Teen August 2013, and her YA fantasy series kicks off with SCION OF THE SUN, November 2013, with Month9Books.
Her debut new adult novel, BEFORE, releases December 2nd, 2013.
She’s also a Waldenbooks, Bookscan and Barnes & Noble bestseller, a 2013 RBY (Romantic Book of the Year) and National Readers’ Choice Award winner, and a multi-finalist for a number of awards including the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award, HOLT Medallion, Booksellers’ Best, Golden Quill, Laurel Wreath, More than Magic and has also won several CataRomance Reviewers’ Choice Awards.
A physiotherapist for thirteen years, she now adores writing full time, raising her two little heroes, sharing fine food with family and friends, and her favorite, curling up with a good book!

My Review:  After spending her first year in college at the University of Las Vegas, Jess Harper is still the good girl who doesn't do anything wrong and is still a virgin.  She's spent most of her time studying instead of going to parties, so when she decides to go to an end of the semester party at the last minute and meets up with her study buddy Dave there, she isn't too concerned, that is until things get out of hand.  Afterwards, desperate to get away from Dave and not have to spend the summer with her mother, her brother Reid saves the day by inviting her to go to Australia with him on a business trip, all expenses paid, and spend a month in the Australian Outback.  Jess couldn't be happier, especially when she lays eyes on one of the hottest guys she's ever seen, Jack McVeigh.  Jack is the 20-year-old cook at Cooweer Homestead Cattle Station and fits the bad boy image perfectly.  In fact, Jess can't take her eyes off him, and the feeling is mutual, but Jack knows this is one girl he needs to stay away from.  

"Jack defines bad boy and then some.  He's big, buffed, bronzed, and hotter than any guy I've ever met.  His sexy Aussie accent makes me melt.  And the guy can cook."

The chemistry between Jack and Jess is electrifying and after an interesting encounter the first night there, it is multiplied tenfold.  Jess, normally shy, is anything but with Jack, and the banter between them is filled with sass, sexual innuendos, and promises of fun.  

".....but it seemed like some great, screwed up cosmic sign.  That the first time I'd ever felt like jumping a guy, he was an outback cook with a bad attitude.....Jack did look like Chris Hemsworth.  A lot.  Dark hair.  Startling green-blue eyes.  Requisite stubble.  Tall.  Tanned.  Broad-shouldered.  Bad boy to the bone.  Damn.  Bad analogy.  I couldn't think about bone and Jack in the same sentence without squirming.  When he'd spoken in that deep, gravely voice and touched my hand?  I'd felt off and climbing all over him."  

Despite the innuendos, chemistry, and obviously mutual attraction, Jack is determined not to cross the line with Jess, thinking she deserves better, and better is definitely not him - an attitude that is the remnant of a scarred and painful childhood.  Not to mention he's become friends with her brother Reid, who is helping him out with his future career. Nevertheless, Jess is determined to get him to notice her and do more than just look.  Besides, he brought out a side of her she'd never experienced before.

"There was something about that cocky, insufferable Aussie that rubbed me up the wrong way.  He brought out something in me I'd never thought I possessed.  My inner smartass."

As the story progresses, Nicola Marsh provides a very interesting and entertaining story for her readers with the ensuing relationship and things that transpire between Jack and Jess over the next four weeks.  Jack's determined to stick to his guns and Jess is determined to pull that gun out of its holster and turn the safety off.  

"I'm going to miss you,"  I blurted, instantly regretting my impulsive declaration when his smile faded....."You don't even know me," he said, his tone dvoid of emotion...."I  know you well enough," I said...I went for broke.  "I know what you look like naked."  Heat flared in his expressive eyes as the backpack slipped from his hands to land at his feet.  "Don't go there." ....."Why not?"  I tapped my bottom lip pretending to think.  "Though I do seem to have an unfair advantage.  Because I've seen you naked and you haven't seen me."  He groaned.  "You don't play fair."
....."And you don't play at all."

As the book comes to an end, Jess lays it all on the line, but Jack has to decide what he's going to do with the feelings he's had brewing underneath the surface over the last four weeks.  Will he be honest with her, or will he let Jess go?  Before is a really good short read, 160 pages, that is packed with fun, romance that sizzles, a hot Aussie, and a great story.  I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to read the conclusion of Jess and Jack's story in Brash, which is available now....Yeah!!!  I love not having to wait.  The third book in the series, Blush, is also available and is Reid's story, Jess' brother.  I really enjoyed Before, the first book in the Burlesque Bombshells series and I can't wait to read more from this author.  
Jess and Jack's story continues in Brash:   
Brash (Burlesque Bombshells #1)Jess Harper is so tired of being good…

Thrust into the dazzle of Burlesque Bombshells, Vegas’s premier dance venue, the small town librarian has no option but to embrace her inner vixen.
Especially when blast from her past, sexy Aussie celebrity chef Jack McVeigh is still determined to keep their relationship strictly hands-off.

This time Jess isn’t surrendering without a fight and armed with her hot props and Bombshell moves, Jack doesn’t stand a chance.

When Jess and Jack are sequestered on an island to orchestrate the burlesque wedding of the year, sun, surf and sizzling sex are on the menu!

But will the fiery couple come back for seconds?

Then read Jess's brother Reid's story in Blush.
Blush (Burlesque Bombshells, #2)  Laying it all on the line for love…

Adele Radcliff has worked hard to erase the sins of her past. The ex-burlesque dancer is now an accountant in Vegas and has her life on track. Until one steamy interlude with her friend’s brother changes everything…

Reid Harper may be tired of the hand-shaking, back-slapping and baby-kissing, but politics is all he knows. His job consumes him. Until he meets Adele and the gorgeous redhead becomes his new focus.
Reid wants a relationship, Adele doesn’t. A decision reinforced when Adele discovers she’s pregnant. She has too many secrets to hide and can’t risk Reid getting too close.

But Reid has other ideas and when he learns the startling truth, how far will he go to prove their future is more important than the past?

Brash and Blush Available Now (Goodreads Link)

$25 Amazon Gift Card and more (International)

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  1. I love that this is a shorter read, perfect for those times when a novella is too short but a 300 page book is just a little too long.

    Great review!

  2. This looks fun! I'm glad you enjoyed Before, Ellen. Nice review!

  3. Wonderful review, I am curious about Jess and Jack. Thanks for sharing it with me Ellen.

  4. I'm pleased to hear you enjoyed this Ellen, I'm a big fan of Nicola Marsh but I still need to start on this series.

    A lovely review. :)

  5. Erin just took this one for review. I'm glad you liked it!

  6. An Aussie boy huh? This one sounds great!


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