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New Adult Multiple Genre Novella Collection
Stories by Laurelin Paige, Sierra Simone, Melanie Harlow, Tamara Mataya, Katherine McGee, Gennifer Albin
Available December 23, 2013

Six romance authors present six very different novellas in this anthology of new stories: Ménage a tango lessons. A bride DYING to say, 'I don't.' A horny college boy at a purity rally. Time-traveling graduate students meet Victorian playboys. A rugby player who's as dirty off the field as on. And kissing under the mistletoe with a Scottish exchange student. Something for everyone, the NAturals present sweet, funny, and erotic tales of new adults meant to be Unwrapped all year long and not just at Christmas.

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About the Authors
Laurelin Paige, Gennifer Albin, Melanie Harlow, Sierra Simone, Kayti McGee Downey, and Tamara Mataya are the six authors who blog for TheNaturalAuthors.blogspot.com. They each write romance and adore pushing the boundaries of the genre. Above all, they love reading smut, looking at pictures of hot men, and making up names for the band they’re always talking about forming.

Excerpts and Teasers

By Melanie Harlow
Secretly I’m a smut fiend, but only when it comes to books. Until last night, the only outwardly kinky thing about me was my hair on a rainy day. I’m a kindergarten teacher, for heaven’s sake. I wear fuzzy slippers and granny panties. Ballet flats and sweater sets. I didn’t even have sex until I was twenty-one, and then it was a lights-out, missionary-position, TV-blaring-to-cover-the-squeaky-dorm-room-bed kind of experience. (I still remember the rerun of How I Met Your Mother that was on, and let’s just say that Marshall’s description of the perfect burger was way more orgasmic than losing my virginity.)
Eventually I learned how to get myself off (in the total privacy of my shower, of course) and figured out what all the throbbing and moaning in my books was about, and I did manage to have two lovely little orgasms with Guy #2 last summer, but it took a lot of work. And time. So much time that I kept apologizing to the guy, and I couldn’t relax. I mean, he stuck with it and all, but compared to the fast-building, toe-curling, earth-shattering, mind-blowing romps on my Kindle, my sex life was totally vanilla.
And then I took a tango lesson.

By Laurelin Paige

#1.  Her features hypnotized him—the way her mouth parted, the way she peered up at him from hooded lids—it was beautiful in a way he’d never noticed.

#2.  Then all he could do was kiss her, kiss her the way he should have kissed her the first time—slowly, sweetly. She responded perfectly, molding her mouth to his, sighing softly.

#3. He put a hand on her cheek and turned into her, taking his time before he slid his tongue between her lips, taking his time again before he plunged further into the recesses of her mouth. It was like reciting poetry, the way she tasted. Like honey-dripped words that danced on his lips before sinking deeper into his soul.

#4. Her lips burned him in such a fabulously amazing way, her tongue stirring the fire he felt singeing at his crotch. Her touch was searing and exquisite, like a hot shower. Like sitting by a blazing fire. Like drowning in heat.

By Kayti McGee

#1 He was saying something in his native tongue that needed no translation. The language of lust is universal.
#2 But right here, right now, in the flickering candlelight, she’d show him how she felt one last time. Mischa stood on her tiptoes to press her lips against the soft hollow at the base of Clifford’s throat, his heart beating against her kiss.

#3  “I have made more money here than I ever thought.  If I stay, I can make more. I can build a reputation. I can learn the business, maybe have my own gallery someday. But if I don’t have you, this country will never make me happy and I cannot stay.”

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