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Reviews: Betting on You (Danvers #4.5) and Fighting For You (Danvers #4) by Sydney Landon

Betting on You (Danvers #4.5)
by Sydney Landon
Published:  January 21, 2014
Publisher:  Penguin Group (USA) LLC / Intermix
Source:  Publisher/NetGalley

Living the life of a rich socialite was never in Mia’s plans, much to the chagrin of her wealthy parents.  She’s made her own way, studying computer science at Brown and snagging a coveted position with Danvers International after graduation. Her plan to avoid parental involvement seems to be going well until her mother buys her a date at a charity auction—with the hot resort owner who she’s been eyeing on her latest work project.

Seth never mixes business with pleasure, but something about Mia drives him to distraction. Giving into his desires for just one night will hopefully clear his head enough to keep his hands off her during office hours.

But when one mind-blowing night turns into weeks of flirtation, frustration, and companionship, Mia realizes that their workplace fling may be developing into more—and that Seth might be the perfect man she’s been waiting for…

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My Thoughts:  Betting on You is a story I really enjoyed.  I really like Mia (and her shoes), which you will understand when you read the novel.  Mia and Seth were both introduced in previous books in the series, and though I've not read them all yet, and have read them out of order, it was easy to follow along, as they read as companion novels and not really sequels. 

Mia's character is really fun and I enjoyed her a lot.  Her inner rants were hilarious at times.  I also liked Seth.  He seemed a little insecure in the beginning, again with himself, something he camouflaged well though.  Actually, they both did, but boy when things heat up, he reveals a dominant and sexy side that shows what he's really made of.  There is a lot of sexual tension between the two, as there are rules against Danvers employees having relationships with the clients they work for, and Mia is working for Seth, but that just makes everything more interesting.  There is some drama and some hurt feelings, but the romance is really great, and built up over the time they spent together during their "no touching" period when Mia was working for Seth.  

Betting on You is a wonderful novella, and though short, feels very complete.  I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.  

Fighting for You (Danvers #4)
by Sydney Landon
Publisher:  Penguin Group (USA) LLC / Intermix
Source:  Publisher/NetGalley

Ella Webber has spent years uncomfortable around the opposite sex... 
But as soon as she meets handsome Declan Stone, she is smitten. Quickly they become friends, finding frequent reasons to see each other around the office, and Ella longs for even more. So-with a little help from her friends-Ella resorts to performing a little seduction. One that Declan will never be able to resist.

Burdened by emotional baggage from his time in the army, Declan refuses to believe he's the right man for sweet Ella. Even if she makes him long for normal things, like marriage and family....But in his attempts to close off his heart from her love, could he have underestimated Ella's powers of persuasion?

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My Thoughts:  Fighting for You is the first book I've ready by Sydney Landon, and though not the first book in the series, I didn't feel like I was  missing out on anything.  Ella Webber and Declan Stone have been friends for a while now, and Ella is crazy about him.  Declan is crazy about Ella to, but he isn't about to mess up his friendship.  The more time they spend together, the harder they fall, and despite his reservations, Declan gives into Ella, though he has no intentions of this being a long-term thing.

Ella has grown up with very strict parents in a religious background.  She's a virgin and isn't familiar with a lot of today's music, movies, and the like.  She wants to not be a virgin and she wants Declan really badly.  With a little help from her friends, Declan begins to see Ella in a different light and soon can't keep his hands off of her.  Their friendship first was a real plus in the relationship, and Declan was able to open up to Ella about things he'd never talked about.  Just when things are beginning to go really well, a little surprise that is a very big deal threatens what they have, but they seem to work through this, for the most part. Still, Declan believes he isn't good enough for Ella and needs to let her go, and she experiences some hurtful things in the process of their relationship.  Loss or the threat thereof proves to be pivotal in the direction things take for them.  To Declan's credit, he deal so well with Ella's family, especially her mother, who to say is difficult would be putting it mildly.

I liked Ella's character, even if she was a little more forgiving than I would have been sometimes.  Declan is a total hottie.  I really loved him.  He is the quiet type, sexy as sin, yet filled with mystery and also seems kind of broody.  The sex is really hot, and gets pretty intense, and the chemistry between the two is smoking.  In fact, Declan helps bring out an inner vixen Ella wasn't even aware she had.  

Now for the things I didn't care for.  Ella is in her late 20's, yet makes a lot of references that seem just too old for her character; references to movies, actors, and some other little things she says that I think you would see more in someone in their 40's.  This kind of bugged me and although the writing is excellent, it just made the Ella not seem the age she really was.  I loved the secondary characters.  You also get to see characters from the previous novels in the series, and though I haven't read them, there is enough background to get a feel of who they are.  The story is told from both Declan and Ella's point of view which I liked, and it does include an epilogue, which I enjoyed.

Overall, this was a good book.  It didn't blow me away or anything, but I did like it for the most part.  I do plan to eventually catch up on the rest of the series, as the series overall seems great.

Sydney Landon lives in Greenville, South Carolina and has spent the last twenty-five years working in accounting. Sydney met her own prince charming in 2000 and received the most romantic proposal on a pier in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, thus creating her eternal love for the city. The fact that her future husband was a fellow computer geek completely sealed the deal for her. She credits him with keeping her calm and rational while also understanding her need for a new pair of shoes every other week. They have two children who keep life interesting and borderline insane, but never boring. The idea of the Danvers’ Series popped into her head and refused to go away. She started writing the first story never imagining that it would ever be finished. Three months later it turned into her first book, Weekends Required. Within a few months, it had quickly made the best-seller list on Amazon, and went on to make the New York Times Best Seller List.  Barely taking a breath between books, Sydney followed up with the second book in the series, Not Planning on You. Within the first month, this book also became a best-seller. The third book in the series, Fall For Me was released in February 2013 and became a New York Times Best Seller.  The fourth book in the series, Fighting For You releases in paperback in February 2014.  Sydney is currently working on the fifth book in the Danvers’ Series. When she isn’t writing, Sydney enjoys reading, swimming and being a mini-van driving, soccer mom.

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  1. Nice reviews! I really enjoyed Fighting For You (and Ella and Declan!) and wish I had a chance to read Betting on You. I'm glad you enjoyed both!


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