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Review: Mustang Sassy by Daire St. Denis from Entangled Edge

Mustang Sassy
by Daire St. Denis
Published:  February 24, 2014
Publisher:  Entangled Edge
When Sass Hogan catches her boyfriend slow-dancing and doing the tongue-tango with Tori Double-D-Cup Hunter, she pays him back the only way she knows how—by taking a tire iron to his beloved ’67 Mustang Fastback. There’s only one problem. She’s destroyed the wrong car.

Jordan Michaels wants his car fixed, now, and he wants Sass’s auto body shop to do it.  But the handsome blond has a secret−he’s really Jordan Carlyle of Carlyle’s Classics, Hogan’s biggest competitor, and he’s determined to prove himself to his family. 

As Sass and Jordan get to know each other, the depth of the attraction has them falling in love. But a relationship based on lies will only leave them primed for the worst wreck of their lives. 

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My Thoughts:  The title, the cover, and the synopsis captured my attention and I knew I wanted to check this book out.  Sass Hogan is 23 years old and knows her way around cars better than some of the best men out there.  When she catches  her cheating boyfriend with another woman, she decides to take it out on his classic car, only the car wasn't his.  Enter Jordan Carlyle,the son of Hogan's competition and the owner of the Mustang with the mistaken identity, using the identity of Jordan Michaels.   Jordan shows up at Hogan's to have his car repaired, as if Sass wasn't already feeling guilty enough about what happened, but Jordan has his own agenda to.  What neither of them planned on was the attraction between them that turned into a lot more.  While their feelings are real, will the web of deception they have both weaved be more than can be repaired?

I liked Jordan's character.  He was quite the hottie who despite the initial deception, was a really great guy and I really began to like him as the book progressed.  I didn't care as much for Sass' character.  She was okay, but I just was not won over by her character or her personality, and though I did like her better by the end of the book, I never really connected with her and  found her to be a bit frustrating at times.

Despite the fact that I didn't connect with the characters on as deep a level as I would have liked, I did enjoy the story overall, and the chemistry between them was intense.  This is the first book I've read by Daire St. Denis and I would certainly be interested in reading more from her in the future.  Overall, I would consider this an enjoyable story, it didn't have that "wow" factor that sucks you in, but it is something that contemporary romance fans would enjoy.
3.5 hearts
Read an excerpt here.

With a degree in archaeology, Daire St. Denis was sure she was destined to be the next female Indiana Jones. That didn’t quite pan out but she still managed her fair share of exotic adventures. Some of her most daring escapades include, skydiving in Canada, being trapped in the Great Pyramid of Giza, searching for tigers in the foothills of the Himalayas, touring Germany by motorbike, scuba diving off the coast of the Philippines, meeting Medusa in the bowels of Istanbul and climbing her way to the top of a number of mountains and crags in Canada and the US.
Daire loves to pen erotic tales full of passion and unexpected adventure and her colorful past has provided ample inspiration for her muse. She now lives in the wilds of Canada with her two poorly trained dogs, two insufferable cats, two spirited children and one extremely patient husband.
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  1. Even though you weren't able to connect with the characters like you wanted, this still sounds like a really sweet read and one that would be great to just cleanse your palate!

  2. This is the second review I've seen for Mustang Sassy, and both have mentioned the lack of connection with Sassy. I am glad you liked Jordan and the overall story. Nice review, Ellen!

  3. Carrie Underwood's song, Before He Cheats, comes to mind. Too bad you weren't a fan of Sassy but the story does sound entertaining enough.

  4. I remember seeing this book recently & I was instantly intrigued. I'm pleased you enjoyed it despite not fully connecting with the characters.

    A great review Ellen! :-)


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