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Book Boyfriend of the Week: Cole from Honesty by Carrie Butler with Review and Giveaway

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This week my book boyfriend is Cole Blake from Honesty (Mark of the Nexus 2.5) by Carrie Butler.  I absolutely adore him.  
Keep reading to find out why.

Honesty (Mark of the Nexus 2.5)
by Carrie Butler
Published:  March 16, 2014
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Note: This novella is best enjoyed after STRENGTH (Mark of Nexus #1) and COURAGE (Mark of Nexus #2). It is told from Cole's (semi-warped) POV. 

Cole Blake is more than just a roguish ladies’ man. He’s also a dedicated worker—so dedicated, in fact, that he’s willing to blackmail his boss with a falsified sex tape in order to keep his job. And his proactive efforts don’t end there. After hours, he uses his Dynari abilities to moonlight as a vigilante, keeping his neighborhood safe from drunks, dealers, and would-be thieves. 

Until a mistake stops him dead in his super-accelerated tracks. 

Now burdened with the closest thing he’s ever had to a conscience, Cole struggles to justify his once-reckless actions. It’d be all too easy to give in to his darker impulses, especially with ERA making dangerous advances toward their goal of revolution, but embracing that hatred could jeopardize the few relationships he actually cares about—including his pursuit of the saintly Rachel Ranford. No, in order to keep everyone safe, he’ll have to come clean about his warring compulsions and ask for help... before his dark side takes over. 

My Review:  I just love this series.  It is a hidden jewel in the world of NA paranormal romance.  It is one of a handful of paranormal series in the New Adult/mature YA age group that has helped rekindle my love for paranormal romance.  The series is original and action-packed, and while I loved Strength and Courage, Honesty, which is Cole's story, captured my heart.  I liked Cole a little in Strength, a lot in Courage, but I totally fell in love with him in Honesty.  Cole and Wallace (who is the MC in the other two books) are twins and though they may look alike, they are so different, each in his own way, and I do love them both.  Cole is absolutely hilarious in this book.  OMG, I didn't know Carrie Butler had this side of her because while the other two books had their humorous moments, Cole's character in Honesty is filled with humor, snark, he's very hot, and we get to know him intimately, which was awesome.  He's a little arrogant and stuck on himself, but he wears it well and knows how to work it so that he doesn't come off as a jerk.  His inner rantings and thoughts are a big part of what made the book for me.   

I really enjoyed getting to know Rachel in this story also.  She and Cole are total opposites, but are so good for each other.  The romance is sweet, has some steam, which we all love, but it's not overly explicit, and has its serious and fun moments as well.  We also get to see bits and pieces of the things that happened in Courage from Cole's perspective, and get more insight into the suspense building with the ERA.  I can't wait for the next book in the series so we can hopefully see where things are at with Cole and Rachel, as well as Wallace and Rena, not to mention see what is going to happen next with the story itself.  Again, I can't recommend this book enough.  Carrie Butler totally took me by surprise and demonstrated just what a talented writer she is.  If you love paranormal romance, then the Mark of the Nexus Series is something I highly, I can't wait for you to meet Cole to.

     My shrink’s office smells like sunshine.  I swear, you walk in that place and it takes your breath away.  Full octane coffee and citrus air freshener.  And the paintings.  Don’t get me started on the paintings.  They’re so cheery, I want take a piss in one of the potted plants……I headed toward the line of chairs by the fish tank, but hesitated when I heard movement on the other side of the door.  Heels, unhurried steps.  My shrink.  The door opened, and Dr. Hannah Farrell poked her head around the corner.
     “Hooray,” I said in my driest tone.  “You’ve come to save me from myself.” 
     “Always the funny guy.”  She flashed me a predator’s smile and pushed the door open wide.  “You can come on back now.” 
     Fifth grade all over again.  Getting sent to the principal’s office.  Of course, this time, it was a hot principal.  Pencil skirt, modest blouse, and a mess of curly hair that screams ‘sex me’.
     We settled into two overstuffed chairs in her office.  The first time I was here, I laid on the floor in protest of her lack of couch.  Apparently, that’s not a thing anymore.  No one told me. 
     “So, how have things been since the last time we talked?”
     She picked up her iPad and opened up a note-taking program. 
     “We missed you the last few weeks.”
     “I thought you might.”
     She glanced up at me.  “I wondered if it was harder for you to come, since we delved into the topic of family last time.”
     Mind flinch.  “The only thing harder when I see you is my dick.”
     “Again with the comebacks.”  She laughed under her breath.  “You know, you make my job pretty easy.” 
     “Then maybe you shouldn’t bill my insurance company.”  I flashed her a wicked grin, knowing I’d get away with it.  “Okay, okay.  Let’s talk about my feelings for the next forty-seven minutes.”
     She raised a thin brow.  “You want to talk about feelings?”
     “Yeah, I had some this week.  I thought you’d want to know, since it’s kind of a first.”

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  1. Yum :) Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Well crap, another one it looks like I need to get and read!

  3. I read Strength a few weeks ago and was already a fan of Cole. I need to catch up on the series!

  4. This is my first time hearing about this series and it sounds great - thanks for the intro, I'm looking forward to reading book 1 and getting to know all of the characters :)

  5. Oh I need to meet Cole. I've been trying to get to this series and now I really need to! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I don't read a lot of PNR (mainly just BDB) but this seems like a series I might enjoy. And Cole seems excellent! Thanks for sharing, Ellen!

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