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Reviews: Connected and Torn by Kim Karr

by Kim Karr
Publisher: InterMix (May 7, 2013)
Sold by: Penguin Group (USA) LLC

What if a 'Once in a Lifetime' could happen twice? 
 Suffering from a past full of tragedy, Dahlia London's soul has been  left completely shattered. Happily ever after is a far cry from reality in her world. But, when she is reconnected with her past, the bonds that form are irrefutable.

 When River Wilde, lead singer of The Wilde Ones, comes back into  Dahlia’s life, the intensity that fires their relationship combined with underlying feelings that have never died lead her to believe she has met her soul mate.

Struggling with confusion as old connections fade and new ones begin, Dahlia's grief begins to lift — but guilt remains. River wants to be the one to mend all that is torn within her.

But with a past that is never really gone, can their future survive?



My Thoughts:  Dahlia London is with the guy she's loved all her life, when she meets the love of her life in a brief encounter while in college - River Wilde - the connection between them was unlike anything either had experienced before, but that is all that it was meant to be at that time in their life.  Now several years later and trying to recover from a tragedy that almost completely destroyed her, as fate with a little help from her best friend would have it, Dahlia reconnects with River and these two discover what true love is really about.  When it finally seems like things are coming together for Dahlia and River, the past rises up and threatens to destroy it all, forcing them to figure out how strong their connection really is.  

I really loved both Dahlia and River.  Dahlia had been through so much and my heart just broke for her.  River Wilde is a rock star, hot as hot can get, and I just loved everything about him.  He couldn't be more perfect, and he loved Dahlia with everything in him.  I loved their romance, the chemistry between them, and the romance was hot.  There are also several secondary characters I enjoyed getting to know, some of which play big roles in the subsequent installments of the series.  

I enjoyed Kim Karr's writing style and the way she brought the characters and their story to life.  My only quirk was that sometimes things seemed a little repetitious with the dialogue that took place between the characters.  Other than that, I enjoyed the entire book for the most part.  Kim Karr even managed to throw a twist in at the end that I didn't see coming until we were almost there, which I loved.  If you are a fan of contemporary romance, then Connected is something you definitely might want to check out.  This is an adult novel with some explicit scenes that are not appropriate for readers under 18 years of age.   

Favorite Quotes:

“Just know you’ll always be my once in a lifetime.” 

“Don’t leave me,” I yell as he walks down the path leading to another life.

Turning and glancing at me over his shoulder, his eyes are no longer gleaming their perfect shade of green; they’re cloudy, hazy even. “I’m not,” he says as he keeps walking. “You left me, beautiful girl.” 

“Placing both my hands on his strong jaw, it’s my turn to rest my head on his, and in an effort to right my wrong, I say, “You know every time you move your nose to my ear like that, it drives me crazy.”

Pulling back, softly gripping my arms with his hands, he nods and a slight grin appears, a smirk really, and he says, “Yeah, I know that.” 

Torn (Connections #2)
by Kim Karr
Publisher: InterMix (October 1, 2013)
Sold by: Penguin Group (USA) LLC

Rock star River Wilde brought Dahlia  London back from the brink of hopelessness with his unwavering love and devotion. But their entwined history is about to test the strength of that love…Dahlia was certain she had found true love and met her ‘Once in a Lifetime’ when she reconnected with River. But Dahlia’s world comes crashing down when someone from her past resurfaces, and all of River’s carefully hidden secrets are exposed.                                                                                                              
River wants to show Dahlia that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass—it’s about dancing in the rain! But how many times can one broken heart be mended?  Will River and Dahlia be able to face the turmoil together or will they be torn apart?



My Thoughts:  River and Dahlia's story picks up once again in Torn, right after the events that transpired in Connected.  Everything about their relationship is tested when someone from the past resurfaces, painful secrets are revealed, and misunderstandings, hurts, and wounds that have been reopened begin to fester and try to tear them apart.  Their love and commitment is put to the most extreme of tests and they both have to make decisions regarding their future, how they chose to deal with the past, and how they handle present events that also cause the ripples of their current problems to turn into huge waves bent on destroying them.  

Once again, I loved both Dahlia's and River's characters.  Dahlia can tend to be stubborn, but she also does a lot of growing and becomes a stronger person in Torn, learning to face her problems rather than retreat into herself or run away from them.  River was once again his charming, hot, to die for self, but he also had some moments that were not the best and his temper raised its head, but this made him seem more real and likable to me.  There are also some secondary characters which play a bigger role in Torn, and for the most part I liked them all.  The romance is once again hot. River and Dahlia pretty much couldn't keep their hands off each other, even when they were fighting, their need for one another was there.  Again, the book is appropriate for those 18 and over due to the mature content.  

Overall, Torn was a great second installment in this series and brings River and Dahlia's story together nicely.  The romance aspect was wonderful, and I enjoyed rooting for these characters and for their relationship during all the hurdles that life's situations threw at them.  If you've read Connected, then you really will want to read Torn.  This is a great contemporary romance that fans of this genre would enjoy.  
Favorite Quotes:

“I love you- I thought I loved you from the first moment I saw you in the bar. And I knew I loved you five years later when I saw you in that conference room. But it wasn't until you said that you weren't just kissing me- you were whispering in my mouth- that I fell madly in love with you.” 

“To women who think they’re all that, may their boobs drop at a young age.” 

“I try to understand why death takes a person from you, but not the relationship. It leaves you to carry on with only half of what you need to make things whole.”

“River, It's always been you. From the minute I saw you at the bar, I think it's always been you. I never even set a wedding date with Ben and maybe that was why. Because you were the one for me, you are the one for me.” 


  1. Glad you are loving this series! I need to check it out and add it to my TBR pile I think.

  2. I liked Connectes a lot, but really loved Torn. I think the repetitiveness was gone and I just loved River and Dahlia together. I'm glad to see you enjoyed these too. Nice reviews!

  3. I loved Torn more but I'm excited for more in this series.

  4. OMG that first quote is so swoony!

  5. I just added them to my tbr list! Love some of those quotes! Thanks for sharing another great review Or rather reviews!

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  7. Smexy covers! I haven't heard of this series but I love the sound of Dahlia and River, the romance aspect sounds like one I'd enjoy,

    A great review!

  8. Excellent Reviews Ellen! I love this series so much! I agree that Ms. Karr has a great writing style, really brings the characters to life, gives us a hot romance, and great secondary characters! I love River Wilde :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  9. Everyone seems to like this series, I def have to check it out some time. Sounds good.

  10. We had some similar thoughts on both of these books. I do love River and felt that Torn was a stronger read and much cleaner. Glad you enjoyed them too!


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