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Review: Feel the Rush (Hard Feelings #2) by Kelsie Leverich

Feel the Rush (Hard Feelings #2)
by Kelsie Leverich
Published:  August 20, 2014
Publisher:  Penguin Group (USA) LLC

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The New York Times bestselling author of The Valentine’s Arrangement continues her sizzling series with a new novel of a plan that goes awry—in the arms of a soldier…

Picking the wrong men is a talent Meagan Mitchell has perfected. She’s sweet, confident, beautiful—and single. With her thirtieth birthday sneaking up on her, she needs a new plan. No more Mr. Wrongs or Mr. Bads, it’s time to find Mr. Safe…

Army Captain, Reed Porter, lives for the thrill—he’s an Airborne Jumpmaster with a rush addiction. He’s sexy and playful, and he quickly tempts Meagan with his rich Southern drawl and sinful looks. But slowing down and settling down are not in his agenda, making him exactly the type of man Meagan wants to avoid…

As their undeniable attraction heats up, Meagan has to decide if she’s willing to risk everything on a chance at love with a reckless charmer. Is she brave enough to bet her future—and her heart—on Mr. Thrill? Or will Reed finally learn that the feeling of a safe landing is just as addicting as the rush of the fall?

My Thoughts:  I became a total fan-girl of this series and this author when I read The Valentine's Arrangement, the first book in Kelsie Leverich's Hard Feelings Series.  Each book is a companion novel, and while part of a series, they can also be read as standalones.  We first met Meagan Mitchell briefly in The Valentine's Arrangement, and because of the situation and the role she played in that story, I wasn't really crazy about her, even though she really didn't do anything wrong.  Therefore, it took just a little while for me to get into her, but I have to say that I ended up totally loving her character.  Then there is Reed Porter, and I think he is my favorite guy out of all the guys in this series so far.  There is just something about a hot military guy who is sexy, fun, and has and whose words spoke with that sexy southern drawl can melt your panties off - and Reed Porter is exactly that kind of guy.  He gives a whole  new meaning to the endearment "Sugar," and every time I hear that used from now on, I know I am going to remember him and this book.  

Though she's beautiful and an all-around great girl, Meagan Mitchell hasn't had a very good track record with men, at all.  She has a certain dream for her life and now that she is about to turn 30, she feels her time is running short to achieve it.  She's looking for a man who is "safe," because all those hot bad boys have caused her nothing but heartache.  After being convinced by her BFF to move to a new town, the last person Meagan expects to run into is Reed Porter, and even worse, he doesn't even remember her, which both infuriates her and makes her sad.  She's determined to avoid him, but Reed has other plans.  While he doesn't do relationships, he most certainly does pretty blondes, and he really, really wants to do Meagan.  There is something about her that is different, drawing him to her, something he has never felt before, and something he has to figure out.  Reed also has been scared by a tragic event in has past, which is part of the reason he is the way he is, and why he does the things he does.  

The romance was, as Kelsie Leverich puts it on her web-site, is most definitely "toe -curling," filled with chemistry, passion, and is an all around captivating story that commands your attention from beginning to end.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Meagan and Reed, and their characters both rocked the story.  The secondary characters were also well written and fun to get to know, adding so much to the story, while setting up the scene for the next book in the series, Beautiful Distraction.  Feel The Rush met and then surpassed my expectations, and I must say the bar was set high after reading the first book in the series.  If you love contemporary romance, then Feel The Rush and the entire Hard Feelings Series is something you won't want to miss.  
4.5 Hearts!

B&WKelsie Leverich grew up in the small town of St. Joseph Illinois before getting married and following her husband from one Army post to another.  After eight years, they finally settled down in Avon, Indiana with two adorable knuckleheads that are better known as her kids.  Kelsie's life revolves around her family (to include two dogs and a cat) and most of the time, actually all of the time, it’s a crazy mess—but that’s the way she loves it!  When Kelsie’s not writing, you can usually find her snuggling on the couch with her kids and a good book or out on the lake with family and friends.  Kelsie is not a morning person, has a soft spot for animals, loves musicals, hates seafood, and thinks laundry is the source of all evil.


  1. How do you find all these fabulous reads? Great review!

  2. Seems like when they get their own story and we understand them better, those characters we're not sure about appeal to us more. Must be some kinda life lesson there. Great review.

  3. I LOVE this series Ellen! I think this might be my favorite. Although A Beautiful Distraction was a close tie. You should check out the novella about Eva. I'm not a novella fan but I really like this one. I wish it were a full length book.
    So happy you're reading these and that you love them too. I can't wait to read more of this author.

  4. I love this series! It just keeps getting better and better. Reed and Megan melted my heart.

  5. A great review Ellen! I might have to try this series, the characters sound wonderful as does the romance and I enjoyed the snippets you shared.

  6. I hadn't heard of this series yet. So glad you loved this one!

  7. Oh, everyone is loving this series and I haven't even heard of it! I need to check this one out asap!


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