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Book Boyfriend of the Week: Brady Miller from Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis with Review

    Animal Magnestism
    by Jill Shalvis
    Published:  February 1, 2011
    Publisher:  Berkley

Co-owner of the town's only kennel, Lilah Young has lived in Sunshine, Idaho, all her life. Pilot-for-hire Brady Miller is just passing through. But he soon has Lilah abandoning her instincts and giving in to a primal desire.

It's Brady's nature to resist being tied down, but there's something about Lilah and her menagerie that keeps him coming back for more.

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Audiobook Review:  I absolutely adore Jill Shalvis' books and began this particular series with the fourth book, and have ever since been dying to find the time to go back and start again at the beginning of the series.  While it is a series, each novel can be read as a standalone companion novel, but trust me, once you begin, you will definitely want more.  The story is set in the beautiful town of Sunshine Idaho.  Lilah Young runs a shelter and kennel service for animals.  She loves animals of all kinds, and is the go-to person for finding strays and other abandoned animals a home.  She is fun-loving, witty, a very hard worker, and always has about a million things on her plate.  Her two best friends AKA the hottest set of bachelors in town are Dell and Adam Connlelly.  Dell is a veterinarian and runs an animal center,  His brother Adam helps and also trains search and rescue animals.  Lilah, Dell, and Adam are best friends.

Adam and Dell have a third brother, Brady Miller, who they haven't seen in quite some time.  Brady is ex special forces, a pilot, and lives and works in extremely dangerous situations.  While in town, he and Lilah meet in the most comical way.  I don't want to give any more about that away, but trust me, you'll enjoy it. The chemistry between these two is intense from the moment they meet, but Brady doesn't do long-term relationships and has his own set of issues stemming from the past he has to deal with.  Lilah has been hurt before and is reluctant to go down the relationship road again, but girls, Brady is just to hot and sexy not to have a little fun with.   Whether or not she can keep her heart out of the mix will be the challenge, not to mention the fact that Dell and Adam are extremely overprotective of her. That said, the heart wants what the heart wants, and everything that happens between the heart wanting and actually getting that proves to be an absolutely delightful story.

Animal magnetism is one of those books that totally captures your heart, makes you smile, swoon, and sigh over and over again, and I total loved it.  This series is a definitely a must read for fans of contemporary romance.

As far as the audio goes, the narrator is awesome and does a wonderful job, making this a pleasure to listen to.

“You, Lilah, scare the hell out of me." 
"Why?" she whispered.
He met her gaze and held it. "Because I could fall for you, Lilah. Hard and deep and never want to come back up."
She could scarcely breathe. "What's wrong with that?"
"We'd drown.” 

“Let me Guess-you lost the coin toss with Dell, which left you stuck with me. Only you don't know how to tell me this because you're a penis-carrying human and can't figure out how to communicate with a mere vagina.” 


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