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Blog Tour: Jill the One by Jill Shalvis: Review, Excerpt, Giveaway

Still the One
by Jill Shalvis
  • Series: An Animal Magnetism Novel (Book 6)
  • Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Berkley (April 7, 2015)

  • About the book:
Darcy Stone is game for anything—except sexy Navy vet and physical therapist AJ Colten, the guy who’d rejected her when she’d needed him most. Now the shoe is on the other foot and he needs her to play nice and help him secure grants for his patients. Unfortunately Darcy can’t refuse. She needs the money to fund her passion project: rescuing S&R dogs and placing them with emotionally wounded soldiers.

AJ admits it—Darcy is irresistible. But he’s already been battle-scarred by a strong-willed, vivacious, adventurous woman like Darcy, and he’s not making the same mistake twice—until he and Darcy are forced to fake a relationship. Growing closer than they’d ever imagined possible, Darcy and AJ have to ask themselves: how much between them is pretend? What’s the real thing? And where does it go from here?
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About the author:
Jill Shalvis is a New York Times and USA Today bestseller. She has written more than four dozen romance novels and lives in Nevada with her family. 

AJ held the door open for Darcy, doing his best to keep his tongue in his mouth, but he wasn’t sure he quite managed.
“Thanks,” she said, brushing up against his arm and shoulder as she stepped into the elevator.
 His free hand came out to stabilize her, a purely instinctual move. He didn’t give a thought to the fact that she hated to be helped because he couldn’t give a thought to anything.
Holy. Shit. Hotness.
Her little black dress—emphasis on little—just about killed him.. The bodice was short, snug, and, at first glance, modest.
Second glance, not so much.
  She bent over and fiddled with her heels, which had a strap around her ankle and screamed SEX. So did    the way the hem of her dress rose up on her thighs, high enough that his eyes nearly popped right out of his head. “What are you doing?” he managed.
“Nothing.” Still bent at the waist, she shifted to her other heel, during which time he pressed his fingers into his eye sockets to keep his eyes in his head.
  She was all leg and silken skin and crazy gorgeous hair, and he attempted to steel 
himself against her but he failed. He’d been wrong, oh so very wrong when he said he’d 
be able to handle her.  He couldn’t, not in her yoga pants, not in a sexy little black dress, 
not at work, not in his truck, not in an elevator, not in anything anywhere—he couldn’t do it, 
Sam I Am.
  She straightened and sent him a searching look. She’d piled all that long curly hair on top 
of her head but several silky strands had escaped, brushing her temples and shoulders, 
giving her a just-got-laid look. Her lips were siren red and he knew it made him a pig, 
but all he could think about was her mouth and how her lips would looked 
stretched around his—
“We’re on time still, right?” she asked.
He had to clear his throat to answer. “Yeah.” Jesus.
The door slid shut and silence filled the elevator while they stared at each other. To keep his 
hands to himself, he backed to the wall.
“So,”she said, looking like she was mentally cracking her knuckles. “What are the 
rules here? Kiss ass? Sit, shake, and roll over on command? Tell everyone how you 
saved my life? 
Obey your every order?”
Her sarcasm helped him roll his tongue back into his mouth. “I will ask you to kiss 
someone’s ass never,” he said. “Same for sit and shake and roll over. And you know damn 
well I didn’t save your life. But as for the obeying me? That. Lots of that would be great.”


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My Thoughts:  I have thoroughly enjoyed Jill Shalvis' Animal Magnetism series.  Still the One is the sixth book in the series and is Darcy and AJ's story.  We've met Darcy previously, and she has always been an independent wild child, though a tragedy from Darcy's past has left her body somewhat broken, and the role AJ played in her rehabilitation also left her heart kind of brokenhearted as well.  Then there are things from her childhood that are the root of the problem.  Nevertheless, she has worked hard and her passion is now to help others who have endured similar situations, by giving them rescued search and rescue dogs.  She's always had a thing for AJ....√†fter all, he is the epitome of hotness.  That is the reason she has tried to stay away from him.  AJ thinks Darcy is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen.  She is also off limits, being his best friend's little sister, not to mention the fact that he has vowed never to let himself fall for a woman like that again.

As fate would have it, they are thrown together for a couple of days and neither can deny what is between them.   As extremely passionate as they are about each other, they are both very stubborn, and misunderstandings and hurts threaten to tear them apart for good.   The question they both must answer is whether or not love is worth facing their past demons.

I loved the characters.  Jill Shalvis creates such personable characters, you can't help but fall in love with them.  The story was so entertaining, and the romance was hot as well.  Though part of a series, Still the 
One is a companion novel and can easily be read a standalone.  I must warn you, however, than once you read it, you're going to want to devour the other books in the series as well.  Fans of Jill Shalvis will definitely want to grab a copy of this novel, and fans of contemporary romance, I think you will thoroughly enjoy it as well.


  1. So happy this is still going strong after six books, it sounds wonderful!

  2. I really enjoyed this one. Just ate it up.

  3. I have loved everything I have read by Jill Shalvis so really need to grab a copy of this. I'm pleased to see you enjoyed this, Darcy and AJ sound great.

    A wonderful review Ellen.

    Sharon - Obsession with Books


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