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Review: All Wound Up by Jaci Burton

All Wound Up
(Play by Play #10)
by Jaci Burton
Published:  August 4, 2015
Publisher:  Berkley

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In the latest Play-by-Play novel from the New York Timesbestselling author of Quarterback Draw, a sexy baseball player is done striking out...

Tucker Cassidy is going through a slump—but not on the field. It’s his dating life that’s suffering. After having a painful altercation involving his ex-girlfriend’s knee, Tucker is convinced it couldn’t get worse…until a gorgeous doctor comes to the rescue at his most embarrassing moment.

As the daughter of the owner of the St. Louis Rivers, Dr. Aubry Ross has been around jocks all her life. She knows the ins and outs of all their games, and she isn’t interested in playing.

When Tucker repeatedly lands in the hospital where she’s working, Aubry starts to think he’s getting injured just to see her. Tucker is both funny and sexy, and Aubry is pleasantly surprised to discover he actually respects her job.

When her father disapproves of their relationship, Aubry knows she’d rather lose Tucker than have him lose his job. But Tucker isn’t about to let threats of a trade get in the way of a game-changing love…

My Thoughts:  All Wound Up is the part of Jaci Burton's Play by Play series.  Each novel is a companion novel in the series and can be read as a standalone, though you do see characters from previous novels make appearances in some of the subsequent novels.  All Wound Up is Tucker Cassidy and Aubry Ross' story.  He's a professional baseball player, a pitcher in fact, and is part of a family made up of professional football players.  Needless to say, he gets a lot of flack about being the odd one out.  Aubry Ross is a doctor and is doing her residency in one of local hospitals.  Aubry's dad also just happens to own the team that Tucker plays for.  After an awkward initial meeting, Tucker ends up in the ER under the good doctor's care on more than one occasion, and he really likes the doctor.  Though she doesn't want to admit it, Aubry really likes Tucker to.  Neither is looking for a serious relationship, but both soon realize that this "thing" between is more than just chemistry and physical attraction.  It's at this point, just when everything seem to be going well, that things actually get kind of tough and both Tucker and Aubry have some decisions to make.

Tucker and Aubry's romance is fun and sexy, with a bit of drama mixed in.  I enjoyed watching their relationship and their romance develop.  Tucker's brothers both play secondary roles in this novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching them interact with one another and loved the banter that went on between them.  The story is a quick entertaining read and is something that contemporary romance fans will enjoy, especially if you love sports related romances.  I'm looking forward to checking out more of the books in this series that I've not had the time to read yet.  
3.5 Hearts


  1. Well for one thing, there's the plot which doesn't seem like something I'd read at all... ON THE OTHER HAND, there's that cover. So.
    Decisions, decisions...

    Naga Sanctuary

  2. This sounds like it is a great weekend escape read. Great review Ellen!

  3. I love sports related romance! And a baseball player in a family of football players? That does sound entertaining. Think Jess is reviewing this one but maybe I'll have to borrow it from her.


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