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Review: It's Only Love (Green Mountain #5) by Marie Force

It's Only Love
(Green Mountain #5)
by Marie Force
Publication Date:  November 3, 2015
Publisher:  Berkley

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The new Green Mountain Romance from the New York Timesbestselling author of And I Love Her.

Ella Abbott has long been secretly in love with Gavin Guthrie. A few recent encounters have only added to her infatuation, especially the kiss they shared at her sister’s wedding. It doesn’t matter to Ella that Gavin is in a bad place. He says there’s no hope for a future with him, that he has nothing to offer her. But all Ella cares about is the love she feels.

It’s been seven long years since Gavin lost his brother. He’d kept himself under control and moving forward until his brother’s beloved dog died and his brother’s widow re-married. Since then, he’s been drinking, fighting, and even getting arrested. It seems the only time his demons leave him alone is when Ella is around.
Gavin knows it wouldn’t be fair to drag Ella into his darkness, but when she inserts herself into his life, what choice does he have but to allow her to soothe his aching heart?

My Thoughts:  Marie Force's Green Mountain Series is one that I've really enjoyed overall, some more than others, as is the case with any series, but I've enjoyed them all nonetheless.  That said, Ella and Gavin's story is one that I've been especially looking forward to.  I think it was because of the history they shared and how that history connected them, and the fact that we've seen hints of their relationship coming in past.  Gavin had some major grief issues to deal with, which he didn't always handle in the best of ways, which in turn played a role in the issues he and Ella had to get past.   They did get together, and when they did, they faced both heartbreaking and heartwarming moments, and then there is the whole Abbott clan........and if you know them, that's enough said.  I love them all, but they are something else.  

While I did enjoy Ella and Gavin's story very much, I was hoping it would be a little more intense and have it's own uniqueness (more like books 1 and 2 in the series), I guess that is the best way to put it.  It's Only Love is great, but it had more of a kind of  an HBO (i.e. sexy moments) version of a Hallmark movie feel..........and that's not bad, but I was hoping for a little more depth.  I love the Abbot family and I can't wait to read Charley's story, which is next in the series.
3.5 Hearts


  1. Sounds like while it's enjoyable it fell flat. That's too bad.

  2. I hate when that happens. I love this series too!


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