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Review: Strip You Bare (The Deacons of Bourbon Street) by Maisey Yates

Strip You Bare
(The Deacons of Bourbon Street)
by Maisey Yates
Publication Date:  January 5, 2015
Publisher:  Loveswept

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Sparks fly when a society belle and a biker with a troubled past get down and dirty in the Big Easy. Maisey Yates turns up the heat in the sizzling finale of a series co-written with Megan Crane, Rachael Johns, and Jackie Ashenden.

Micah Carpenter hates New Orleans. Hell, after ten years he no longer has much affection for the Deacons of Bourbon Street motorcycle club, either. But when the brotherhood calls, Micah answers. Joining the hunt for their mentor’s killer, he crosses paths with a Southern belle who exudes class—and sex appeal. Micah knows better than to mess with ice princesses: No matter how hot things get, they never melt. And yet he can’t stop himself from offering her a taste of the wrong side of the tracks.
Sarah Delacroix understands that reputation is everything. The daughter of a prominent family rocked by scandal, she’s desperate to restore their good name. Micah’s exactly the kind of man she should be avoiding. Behind his sleek and sophisticated exterior beats the heart of a predator—and she knows it. But, like the tattoos beneath his tailored suit, his rough edges are irresistible. And all too soon Sarah finds him getting under her skin . . . and living out every one of her hottest fantasies.

My Thoughts:  This is the second book I've read in The Deacons of Bourbon Street Series, and I did enjoy it.  At only 184 pages long, it has more of a novella feel to it, and I would have liked it.  NonetheIess, Maisey Yates did a good job of writing a complete story in those pages.  Strip You Bare is Micah "Prince" Carpenter's story.  When the Deacons reemerged into New Orleans after the death of their mentor, he was the most reluctant of the original crew to return, having made a very successful and lucrative life for himself in the hotel business.  When he is assigned to Sarah Delacroix and the family mansion that the Deacons now own, he was ready to get the job done and get out of New Orleans, that was until he met her.  The Delacroix name is familiar in the series, as the last book "Hold Me Down," was Leon "Blue" Delacroix's story.  Sarah is his cousin, and while he doesn't have anything to do with the family and hasn't in years, that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't want her hurt.

Sarah is the epitome of everything Micah thought he would never have, deserve to have, or even want, but she surprises him, a lot, and the two end up in a hot, steamy, and intense relationship very quickly.  The questions that have arisen in the previous novels regarding who killed their mentor and why come to light, and things become even more heated, as the truth behind everything is revealed.  Micah/Prince has a lot to come to terms with, and Sarah, whether he knows it or not, has helped him to see who he really is, subsequently forcing him to consider what he really wants out of life when all is said and done.

Short, sexy, and scintillating, Strip You Bare will definitely keep your interest.  Maisey Yates does a great job in bringing things together, while providing a good story for readers in the process.  Fans of the series will want to check this one out.
3.5 Hearts


  1. A short sexy read is always a must for me. ;)
    Great honest review Ellen and I hope you had a very wonderful Christmas and New Years!

  2. I haven't read this series but it does sound good. I have enjoyed this author in the past.


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