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Review: Midnight Target (Killer Instincts Series) by Elle Kennedy

Midnight Target
(Killer Instincts #8)
by Elle Kennedy
  • Publisher: Berkley (April 25, 2017)
  • Publication Date: April 25, 2017
  • Sold by: Penguin Group (USA) LLC

From the New York Times bestselling author of The Score and Midnight Revenge...

Four years ago, Cate’s entire life changed when she discovered she was the daughter of a supersoldier. But Jim Morgan’s overprotectiveness has pushed her away. These days, she’s working as a freelance photographer and living the dangerous life Jim never wanted for her.

When Cate snaps a photo linking a corrupt South American politician with the leader of a notorious drug cartel, her mercenary father leads a team to rescue her—only to get shot and critically wounded in the process.

As Morgan’s operatives rally together on a revenge mission, they’re faced with new alliances and old heartaches. Cate is forced to work with David “Ash” Ashton, the man who broke her heart two years ago, while Liam Macgregor and Sullivan Port resurface after years apart to finally try to deal with everything they’d left unsaid.

Soon it’s all-out war between the cartel and the mercenaries—with two couples caught in the middle of the blood feud. Love and redemption are within their reach...but first they have to make it home alive.

My Thoughts:  I don't know if I can begin to even tell you how much I've enjoyed this series, and while I've been anxiously awaiting Midnight Target, the final book in the series, it is bittersweet, because this is the last one, and I really hate to see the series end.  That said, Elle Kennedy ends the series with a bang.  Midnight Target is Cate and Ash's story, and what a story it is.  For fans of the series, you'll also be glad to know that Sully and Liam's story is also incorporated within this one, so for those of us who have been waiting for this, it is oh so awesome...and on so hot.  

In Midnight Target, Cate has had it up to her eyeballs with her father, Jim Morgan, and his overprotectivness, to the point that she rarely goes home.  That fact, combined with the fact that she wants nothing to do with Ash, especially after the way he acted towards her last time she saw him when she put everything right out there, and yet he crushed her heart,  has kept Cate away from what she has considered her family, for quite some time.  When she suddenly finds herself in the middle of some major danger, as well equipped and trained as she is to deal with that, she finds that only dear old dad and his band of merry....or I guess I should say mercs, can help her out of the fix she finds herself in.  Of course, Ash, who has denied his feelings out of what he has convinced himself is repsect for her dad, is at the forefront of this mission.  He's been in love with her for years, and when he finds out she's in danger, it's all he can do not to go charging in like a bull seeing red. 

 Of course Jim Morgan's wife, Nicole, and Cate's step-mom AKA the Queen of Assasins, along with her badass beauties end up involed as well.  During the course of the novel you get to connect with all the characters in the previous books that we've come to know and love, making this last novel perfect giving you a glimpse of everyone lives and letting you see how they are all doing as the series comes to a close.  

Midnight Target is filled with non-stop action, hot romance, as well as plenty of danger and suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and loved how Elle Kennedy brought everything together, including an elpilogue, bringing an an epic ending to and epic series.  Midnight Target is a must read for fans of the series, and if you've not started this one yet, it is definitely something you will want to carve out time for.  


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