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Review: Sin for Me (Motor City Royals #3) by Jackie Ashenden

Sin For Me
(Motor City Royals #3)
By Jackie Ashenden
Published:  March 28, 2017
Publisher:  Kensington

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It was anything but easy, but Gideon Black has finally managed to create a safe haven for himself on the gritty streets of Detroit. He worked hard to get on the straight and narrow, pulling himself up from an underground crime syndicate before it consumed him completely. But the past isn't staying put, and now that it's come calling, it's not after him, but the woman he considers the closest thing he has to family . . .

Zoe James has always loved Gideon more than anything in the world. She knows he only wants to keep her safe, but his overprotectiveness has taken over her life and it's got to stop. She's sick of him treating her like a little girl, but is she woman enough to handle the truth when it finally comes out?

As old enemies close in, a complicated but undeniable passion is growing between them. Gideon tries to hold on to Zoe and keep her safe, but he may have to let her go in order to save them both . . .

My Thoughts:  I've read quite a few of Jackie Ashenden's books and the Motor City Royals series is one that I've especially enjoyed.  SIN FOR ME is the third book in the series, and is Gideon and Zoe's story.  I must say, I've been dying to read their story since the beginning.  Gideon has a history, one that he isn't proud of, one that lead him to Zoe and resulted in his rescuing her and bringing her to live with him to raise, even though he wasn't that much older than Zoe.  Gideon has a commanding presence and Zoe has begun to test him and his overprotective nature.  Zoe has always loved Gideon, but Zoe's no longer a little girl, and is more than ready to test her wings, and if Gideon won't help her do that, she's determined to find someone who will. 

Gideon has a dark side, however, and the secrets that he has been keeping regarding Zoe and his past have finally come out in the open.  Gideon's dark side also involes the bedroom, and he is quickly becoming well aware that Zoe is no longer a little girl.  He's determined to make her see what a bad guy he really is, something that  backfires on him big time.  

SIN FOR ME is hot, sexy, and dangerous, and I loved seeing these two characters battle through their past and present in order to have a future together.  I loved seeing what was going on with the other characters in the series as well.  Overall, I enjoyed SIN FOR ME and would definitely recommend checking it out.  


  1. Sounds like a fun series and steamy one too. Glad you enjoyed this so much!


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