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Review: Wicked Kiss (Realm Enforcers #4) by Rebecca Zanetti

Wicked Kiss
(Realm Enforcers #4)
by Rebecca Zanetti
Published:  July 4, 2017
Publisher:  Kensington

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Working as an informant for the DEA, Victoria Monzelle is used to living on the edge. But she’s not a big fan of getting kidnapped. And definitely not by a bunch of bad boy witches with fancy-colored fire to shoot at people. So when Adam Dunne shows up and claims to be a witch enforcer, she’s not going to put her life in his hands based on his word, no matter how smooth and smart and beautifully Irish his words sound. But on the run from a tribunal of witches, she isn’t going to make it far . . .

Before she knows it, Adam’s word is all that stands between her and execution. Sophisticated, just-gotta-ruffle-him Adam has vowed to make her his one eternal mate, wild and unpredictable as she is—to save her from a sentence of certain death. But Tori isn’t interested in being anyone’s pity date. And if they think she’s unpredictable now, they should see what’s coming next.

My Thoughts:  Being a huge Rebecca Zanetti fan I couldn't wait to read the latest installment in her Realm Enforcers series, Wicked Kiss.  Adam Dunne is a an witch and is also an enforcer for the Coven 9.  Adam has been undercover as part of a motorcycle club, in an effort to find the source of a new drug which can kill humans and is detrimental to witches.   Victoria Monzelle is outspoken and a little on the wild side, with her purple streaked hair and fearless attitude.  She and the Irish witch couldn't be more different and let's just say they prove the theory that opposites attract and then some. 

Victoria has unfortunately found herself on the radar of the police - the human ones.  When circumstances surrounding the investigation force these two together, things get really heated both emotionally and physically, resulting in the Coven ordering Tori's demise and Adam vowing to make her his mate in order to safe her life.  The hot witch is a force to be reckoned with, and this little human woman tests everthing within him, giving him a run for his money.  

In true Rebecca Zanetti style, Wicked Kiss is filled with suspense, action, danger, romance and all the hot supernatural beings that fans of this and her Dark Protectors series have come to know and love.  Wicked Kiss is a wonderful addition to the Realm Enforcers series and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and can't wait to delve into the next book.  Definitely check this one out. 


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